Holiday Drive 2019

The 2019 Holiday Drive is now over! THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERED AND TO ALL WHO DONATED!  What a huge undertaking – but what a great outcome.  This note of thanks says it all:

I can not begin to express how thankful I am. Today we received our gifts. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who contributed. I am in tears because I having a conversation with my mother about 15 minutes before the person making the delivery got here. We were discussing how to get groceries for the week because we just don’t have the money since our food stamps have been shut off. I opened the envelope to find Wegmans gift cards. As I type this I’m crying because I can now go to the grocery store with no worries. Thank you all so much! You are all a blessing! I can’t thank you enough! Happy holidays,

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 2019 HOLIDAY DRIVE LISTS if needed for review.

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

There are so many folks to thank who helped make this year’s Holiday Drive such a success.  All the individuals who gave up their time to volunteer either at our drive itself, or with a company or school or organization that did work in advance …. THANKS!  All those families or groups who sponsored a family, bought cleaning supplies or food or gift cards …. THANKS!  And the amazing committee that ran the event so flawlessly … THANKS!  Below is the list of special group and business donors that deserve an extra shout out – sometimes just coordinating a group is an effort in itself.  Please thank those when possible.

  • St. John’s Presbyterian Church (Devon) – for being the amazing host of our event
  • Papa John’s Pizza (Berwyn) and Jimmy Johns (King of Prussia) – lunch for volunteers at St. John’s
  • Valley Forge Elementary School – food drive
  • New Eagle Elementary School – book drive
  • Beaumont Elementary School – birthday bags
  • Devon Elementary School – fun gift cards
  • Hillside Elementary School – baggies and gift cards
  • T/E Middle School – toiletries
  • Valley Forge Middle School – hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and socks drive
  • Conestoga T&E Kids Care Club – books for high school kids
  • Saint Gobain – sponsoring different families
  • Paoli Village Shoppes – gift cards and cleaning supplies
  • Four Counties Garden Club – hand made wreaths
  • St. Norberts GivingTree Project – gift cards
  • Girl Scout Troops – Service Unit 637, 456, 41130, 4338, 41471, 41050, 4205, 4316, 00049, 4139, 4325, 4080, 41078, 4173, 434, 4112, 450, 41552, and 41050 – boxes and boxes of homemade cookies
  • Glenhardie Book Club – sponsoring a family
  • Homecooked (Paoli) – cleaning supplies
  • Penn Medicine Radiology VF – sponsored a family
  • Hotinski Oktoberfest event – gift cards
  • Shady Grove Fertility – sponsored assorted families
  • Wegmans – gift cards
  • Trader Joes – reusable shopping bags
  • FC Europa 2006 Boys Premier Soccer Team – family sponsor
  • FC Europa 2007 Boys Elite soccer team – toiletries
  • FC Europa 2008 Boys Elite soccer team – family sponsor
  • T/E Mothers Group – family sponsor
  • Publicis Health Media, LLC – toiletries
  • ERM Group Inc – toiletries and gift cards
  • Bath and Body Works (Exton) – family sponsor and food/toiletries
  • The VFES Cares Club/Ashley White (teacher) – decorated the gift card envelopes for all 115 families




Sponsor families or items on Sign Up Genius

 The Sign Up Genius link will be live from November 15 through December 7. 

Sign up to choose the items you’d like to donate.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. You will see multiple tabs for different sizes of families from which to choose.  There is another tab just for generic gift cards.  If one tab is full – be sure to check out options on another tab.
  2. Choose a family(s) and/or item(s) from a tab.  Check the box beside each item you select to donate. To select the entire family you must check each box in the family’s section. You may continue to select more items or families from that tab but you must click on  “Submit and Sign Up” at the end of the tab to confirm your selections before you move to another tab. 
  3. You will receive an email from SignUp Genius confirming your choices. If you have selected families or items from multiple tabs you will receive multiple emails.
  4. Completing your selections is as easy as providing your name, email and phone number.    

All items must be dropped off at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 217 Berkley Rd, Devon, on Sunday, December 8 (2:00-5:00) or Monday, December 9 (8am-6pm). (The earlier on Monday the better.) . If these options do not work for you, PLEASE contact us at in advance to make other arrangements. 

There are 3 options for gift cards:

  1. Drop them at St. John’s on Sunday or Monday (Dec 8 or 9)
  2. Mail them to T&E Care-Holiday Drive, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399 (be sure to mail them prior to Dec. 8)
  3. Drop them off to our gift card collection chair, Pat Clark.  Pat can be reached at and will give you drop-off details. 

Before dropping off your donations, please download and fill out a DONOR FORM (below). Individuals, families, groups, etc – no matter who you are you will use the same donor form.  Should you need ideas for the baskets, attached you’ll also find a list of basket suggestions.

Pictures from the 2019 Holiday Drive

If you would like to make a donation to T&E Care to help cover the costs of sponsoring a family, please do so here.

PayPal/credit cards charge a 2.35% processing fee for each dollar donated.  If you would like 100% of your donation to go to T&E Care, please add this fee to your donation.  You can pay by check as well to avoid the fees. (T&E Care, attn: Holiday Drive, PO Box 2111, Southeastern. PA 19399.)


Forms to download for this year’s Holiday Drive:

Holiday Drive Donor Form – if you are making a donation of gifts and/or gift cards to the Holiday Drive, please include a copy of this form when you drop off your items.

Basket Suggestions – if you are purchasing items for a food basket, cleaning or toiletries basket, or college basket – this form will give you some good suggestions to consider.

Donation Receipts – if you made a donation to the Holiday Drive you should receive an email or letter of thanks.  But if you want to just print out a receipt, you can download one here.

There are lots of scams related to gift cards these days. Be a smart shopper. Check this out for some helpful tips.

Volunteers will be needed!

We have set up the Sign Up Genius page to organize the volunteers for this special event.  This is a very volunteer-intensive event so we’ll need lots of help!  Volunteers will be needed on delivery days, December 8 and 9. Sorting will take place December 10 and 11, with final wrap-up volunteer needs on December 12.  Once we set up the volunteer schedule –  please note that if you sign up for the later days (especially Wednesday) – be sure to check your email before heading to help out.  Occasionally we finish early and will send out emails letting you know that we don’t actually need your help.  We just want to avoid having folks come and spend unnecessary time during the busy holiday season.


Special thanks to the Holiday Drive 2019 Committee led by chairs Jeanne Swope and Doreen McGillis.  The committee includes:  Pat Clark and Jean Purinton (gift cards), Jean Allen and Jenny Rosback (group donors), Story Picard (Sign Up Genius), Julia Fisher and Gretchen Guttman (donor check in), Karen Ridder (volunteers), Cammy Wagner, Bonnie Motel, Mary Frances Szpila and Sandi Gorman (family wish lists), Karen Celebuski (food donations), and Laurie Doan, Tarin Cataldo, and Gloria Lopez (thanks notes).  It’s a GREAT group!


Holiday Drive Summaries

For summaries of past holiday drives, including pictures and the list of sponsors and donors, go to the Archived Holiday Drive page.

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