The 2021 T&E Care Holiday Drive – staggering results!

The 2021 Holiday Drive is now over. All the wish list requests were claimed.  All the gifts and gift cards have been purchased and delivered to the ambassadors, and then our drivers (Santa’s helpers!) have been out making the rounds to drop them all off.  Over 150 families – close to 500 individuals – were offered much appreciated support!  Once again we can only say – WOW.  The community response was truly astounding.  Between general donations, and specific wish list requests being claimed, no T&E Care reserve funds were needed to support the drive.  Besides all the main gifts, AND holiday wreaths, packages of pajamas, special gift bags with blankets and other basics, and over 125 bags of cleaning supplies … additionally almost $80,000 in gift cards were distributed so families could buy food for the holidays, and some extra special gifts for their kids.  The community made it happen!  This will truly make it a wonderful holiday for the families of T/E!

MANY thanks to the committee that pulled this off again, led by Doreen McGillis and Jeanne Swope.  Their leadership and organization is second to none!  Plus so many others were involved – all our ambassadors, runners, and drivers; those who set up all those ambassadors, runners, and drivers; those who recorded gift cards; those who worked with the families to gather the wish lists, and those who recorded the wish lists as they came in; those who set up our SignUp Genius; those who arranged for our group and school donations; all our school reps; those who pulled together all the forms that were handed to the ambassadors; and those who sent out thank you notes.  And of course – all those who donated!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Not only do we get thank you notes from the families we support, but we often also hear from volunteers involved in this program.  Here is a note from one of the coaches who worked with a team to facilitate one of the group donations.  These are powerful words!   “I can’t tell you how happy I am to have our team help in events like this.  It sends the fundamental message that in this world you help when you can.  Giving back is as important of a life lesson as anything I teach on the field.  When you are fortunate enough to have, you give.  And if ever a situation got reversed, you would hope there are others who would do the same.  That is what a community is.  You support and care for others. We appreciate you having us be a part of this community give back!”

And for the families – we do get a lot of notes of thanks from them.  Here are a few to start:

  • 🤗 hug hug  Happy Holidays to you too. I opened one of the gifts and loved them all. Just what I needed too. Thank you again it was a pleasure talking with you – like a breath of fresh air.
  • Thank you for the generous gifts from T&E Care. We are humbled and thankful to be able to celebrate the holidays and also get the kids some clothes!

  • I just opened the envelope. And started to cry a little. Those gift cards are going to help so much. Thank you.

  • Thank you so very much for your support during this difficult time. Your financial support and gifts for the holidays were much appreciated.  Your kindness  and generosity were a great comfort and help to us and we are beyond grateful.  God bless you all.

Many more notes of thanks have been posted on our Words of Care page. Check them out!

Any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks again!

Special Group Donations

All donations – no matter how big or small – are MUCH appreciated!  We would like to thank the many groups who participated in our drive this year with donations of one sort or another:


Click on any one picture to see them all bigger.

Thanks to the Holiday Drive 2021 Committee!

While there are many more involved in planning the event – including all the ambassadors, the drivers, the runners, and those writing the thank you notes, we want to especially recognize the folks who organized the event this year:

Chairs:  Doreen McGillis and Jeanne Swope
Jean Allen
Cammy Wagner
Story Picard
Mary Frances Szpila
Bonnie Motel
Sandi Gorman
Meghan Jones
Tina Whitlow
Carol Reagan
Katrina Hottenstein
Kim Pittman
Tarin Cataldo

If you’d like to get involved with this great group next year, let us know at

Drive information below is for reference purposes.

The 2021 Holiday Drive

Here are the basics:

  • Families are requesting household items and gifts for their children, Sign Up Genius will be available from November 10-December 3 to select gifts to donate.
  • There will be NO food, toiletry, or college baskets this year.  We will replace these baskets with gift cards.
  • There WILL be cleaning bags this year.  We are producing a specific list of supplies for each bag to make the shopping easy (see downloads section).
  • A large amount of gift cards will be needed given the increased number of families we are helping and the fact that we are again replacing most baskets with gift cards.
  • If shopping isn’t your thing, we are happy to accept general donations via check, venmo, or credit card/paypal. Our committee members will use those funds to purchase gift cards or requested gifts.
  • As in the past, we are asking donors to wrap their gifts in advance and label them with what is inside. If you need assistance, please contact us. We are happy to help. (See example of wrapping details.)
  • Given expected shipping delays, please allow for more delivery time for any online purchases.
  • Please print and complete the Donor Form (see downloads section) and drop off with your gifts or gift cards.
  • Once again, we will NOT be using St John’s Church this year.  Gifts should be dropped-off at our volunteer ambassador’s homes around the area. We highly recommend you select gifts from within ONE family to help manage the drop off process.  Different families may have different drop-off locations.
  • All items should be dropped off at the assigned Ambassadors’ homes on either Saturday, December 4th or Sunday, December 5th.  You will be provided with the drop-off addresses, via email, after you have selected families/gifts on the SignUp Genius and we have sorted through all the donations.  If you cannot make these dates work, contact us for another option.
  • Questions, PLEASE contact us at

If you are only donating gift cards, there are 3 options for dropping them off:

  1. Drop them off at one of our Gift Card Chair’s homes prior to December 3rd. She can be reached at and will give you drop-off details. This is our preferred option.
  2. Drop them off at the Ambassador’s homes on December 4 or 5.
  3. Mail them to T&E Care-Holiday Drive, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399 (be sure to mail them well prior to Dec. 3, given all the issues with mail delays).

Before dropping off your donations, please download and fill out a DONOR FORM (below). All donors (individuals and groups) will use the same donor form.  

Donations for the T&E Care Holiday Drive 

Thanks for any donations you want to make.  Our volunteers will use these to cover any needed gift cards and/or unclaimed gifts.   If you are making a donation for the Holiday Drive, please note that with the payment


  • You can use Venmo to make a donation
  • Our logo is:   and our ID is @tecare
  • IMPORTANT NOTE – if you are new to T&E Care, we need your email to send a note of thanks.  Venmo does not automatically provide this information.  Please send us an email at to alert us of your donation.  If you want a mailed receipt, please also send your mailing address.


The button below is for CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL donations and prize tickets purchases
  • PayPal charges approximately 2.5% processing fee for each dollar donated.  If you would like 100% of your donation to go to T&E Care, please add this fee to your donation.
  • You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation; any major credit card will work.
  • T&E Care will NOT be given any of your personal credit card information.


  • Checks should be mailed to T&E Care, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399, attn: Holiday Drive.

 Purchasing Holiday Gifts through Amazon Smile

T&E Care is part of the Amazon Smile Foundation program. If you shop on at any time, you may elect to have 0.5% of your purchases go to your designated charity.  Please note that your cost does NOT increase. If you plan to get your holiday gifts (or ANY other purchase) using Amazon, please consider naming T&E Care as your charity of choice. This type of donation can really add up if lots of people sign up. It’s very easy to do and takes about 30 seconds, but you do need to register in advance (one time only):

  • Go to https//
  • Be sure you are signed into your own Amazon account.
  • Name your charity of choice: Tredyffrin & Easttown Care (best to put our official name, and NOT T&E Care)
  • Each time you shop on Amazon, go to to start. If you forget and go to, you should get a notice reminding you.

Completing the SignUp Genius Form

Once the SignUp Genius link is ready – here are the general directions for completing that form:

  1. You will see multiple tabs for different sizes of families from which to choose, plus a tab just for generic gift cards.  If one tab is fully claimed – be sure to check out options on other tabs.
  2. Choose a family(s) and/or item(s) from a tab.  Check the box beside each item you select to donate. To select the entire family you must check each box in the family’s section.  Because of our new drop-off program, you are encouraged to select items from within one family so your delivery will be easier.
  3. If you want, you may continue to select more items or families from that tab, or from any other tab, but you must click on  “Submit and Sign Up” at the end of each tab to confirm your selections before you move to another tab. 
  4. You will receive an email from SignUp Genius confirming your choices. If you have selected families or items from multiple tabs you will receive multiple emails.
  5. You will be notified of your drop off location(s) before the December 4 or 5 dates.
  6. Completing your selections is as easy as providing your name, email and phone number.    
There are lots of scams related to gift cards these days. Be a smart shopper. Check this out for some helpful tips.


Forms to download for this year’s Holiday Drive:

Cleaning Bag list – If you want to donate a cleaning bag for a family – please use this list.  We are trying to make all bags somewhat consistent.  Thanks!

2021 Holiday Drive Donor Form – if you are making a donation of gifts and/or gift cards to the Holiday Drive, please include a copy of this form when you drop off your items.

Donation Receipts – if you made a donation to the Holiday Drive you should receive an email or letter of thanks.  But if you want to just print out a receipt, you can download one here.

Holiday Drive Summaries

For summaries of past holiday drives, including pictures and the list of sponsors and donors, go to the Archived Holiday Drive page.

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