Donating a Computer

In today’s world, owning a computer is a necessity. For students, especially middle and high school, many assignments require the use of a computer for the work as well as submission. For individuals looking for work or housing, it is so much easier and expected (if not actually required) to use a computer to search and submit information. Kids can stay after school and use the school computers but then they may not have transportation home (buses do not run after school). If the kids are involved in any after-school activities the library may be closed when the activity has ended. The local library is an option for computer use, but only if they have transportation to and from the library. Let’s face it, a computer at home is a must in today’s world.

We can almost always find a family that could use a computer if you have one you’d like to donate. Please contact us at if you have a computer and/or printer to donate. Be sure to include the brand, model number, operating system, etc. We are licensed to load Windows 10 and Office 2007 onto computers, so you can have yours wiped clean before giving it to us if you want. If you can leave your programs on, then we don’t need to use our licenses which saves us buying more licenses. It’s up to you. If you need help wiping all your info off your computer let us know, we may be able to assist with that.  Because computers become outdated so quickly, we ask the following:


  • Laptops are becoming more popular with families especially if they don’t have internet at home. They can take the laptop with them to the library. Also, laptops take up less room than desktops.  We regret that we no longer are taking desktop computers.
  • Be sure the computer is in good working order and no older than 5 years. A 2 or 3 year old unit is even better.
  • Please include any any required cables and power cords.
  • If possible, leave Internet Explorer or a similar browser loaded on the computer.
  • If possible, leave at least a word processing program on it. Microsoft Office 2010 (Word and Excel) would be best. That saves us using up our license.
  • If possible, include any software, especially for the operating system.
  • Include any manuals, discs, etc. that you might have.
  • Unfortunately we do not take Macs unless they are brand new.  (We are not licensed to refurbish Macs.)

Printers – we don’t need many but might want yours if:

  • the printer is in good working order and no more than 3 years old.
  • it is new enough that ink can still be purchased in the store for your model (check Staples if you are unsure). Please include any extra ink if you have it.
  • you have all required cables and software so it can be linked with a computer.
  • you have manuals, loading discs, etc.
  • No laser printers, please.

Internet Access

Getting a family a computer is only the first step, the second step is internet access. The $30-$50/month costs make this prohibitive for many families. If you have any contacts at businesses that offer internet access, please let us know. We would love to develop a relationship with Comcast or Verizon or any similar business to help some local families be able to afford this important part of owning a computer. We are aware of Internet Essentials (with Comcast) and that is a start but there are roadblocks to this offer for many families. We’re always willing to brainstorm ideas here.

Other Options for Donating Computers

If your computer is too old for us, or if we don’t have a need at the time of your offer some options to consider are:

  • For computers that work donate them to Team Children in Audubon. This non-profit takes used computers, refurbishes them, and then sells them at low cost to families in the Philadelphia area.  Visit their website or call 610-666-1795 for details.
  • To recycle any computers your best option is to take them to your local Best Buy. They recycle old computers and printers for free and monitors for a fee. For details, contact your local Best Buy store.

You can also look for local recycling options and events (usually once or twice a year) in your township or county. For details, contact your county or township.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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