Kids’ Clothing Drive 2021 – It worked!

We are finished with our Kids’ Clothing Drive for 2021.  And we are excited to say – that although the Covid-adapted format was not our favorite – it worked!!!   THANK YOU to all who signed up to help out with this drive and for arriving promptly to make your donations.  We were able to turn around the donations received on the morning of April 24 and hand that all out that same afternoon!   It really worked!

We are especially appreciative that the TESD let us use the Maintenance Building to hold the event.  With the sunny and warm skies helping – we could basically hold this outside (or in the garage buildings with the doors all open) which made the social distancing that much easier.  Special thanks also to the students from the CHS Girls and Boys Rugby teams for giving up their Saturday morning to come help with the unloading of all the donations.  Some even had to be there at 7:45am.  Talk about dedication to their neighbors!  And a true hats off to the amazing committee that pulled this off – chaired by Chris Wells.  The committee list is below – each volunteer did her job with energy and enthusiasm and it really showed!

Check out this article from the IN T/E magazine as well as the pictures below to see your donations in action (click on one to make them all bigger)!  With tons of donations and about $10,000 in gift cards we were able to make a difference to over 100 local kids, and they truly are thankful.  Some thank you notes we’ve received already include:

I cried again. Thank you so much. Everything will fit just perfectly and the kids will feel confident in clothes that fit well. The gift cards are much appreciated. Love to you all.

Thank you so much! Our daughter’s birthday is this week. She will be the best dressed girl in middle school!🙂

Thank you all so much for the incredible new wardrobes for my boys.  And for acting as personal shoppers to get them exactly what they needed and wanted.  The clothes are wonderful—they are thrilled.  The sizes are great and the quiet colors are exactly what they like.  The dress clothes will allow them to participate in more social events and fit in. The gift cards will get them some special things they wanted. Thank you!

I just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of the T&E Care community for all of the generous donations of the clothing for my young daughter! She was so excited when she saw the clothing for the upcoming season! She loved it all 😃. Thank you again! God Bless all of you. We truly appreciate it!

Other special thanks to:



The dedicated volunteers who ran this year’s event included:

Chris Wells – chair
Jeanette Alwine – thanks notes
Jennifer Arnott – volunteers
Jacqui Cosgrove – Sign Up Genius
Amanda Ivory – donations
Stacy Stone – deliveries
Monica Thomson  – gift cards

If you’d like to get involved in next year’s clothing drive – let us know!  We always love help.  


Papers to Download

If you made a donation of clothes and need a receipt, please click here.   

Kids’ Clothing Event 2021 – The Plan

Mark April 24 on your calendars now!

Not surprisingly, Covid is impacting our normal Kids’ Clothing Event again this year – but the committee is hard at work coming up with an alternate plan.  As we firm up details, we’ll include them here – but for now here are the basics:

  • On Saturday, April 24, we will hold a one-day event!
  • All donated clothes will be dropped off at the TESD Maintenance Building – 920 Old Lancaster Rd, in Berwyn (next to T/E Middle School) between 8-11 in the morning.  Participating families will come in the afternoon to pick up their clothing bags.
  • We are NOT collecting random bags of clothes like we have in the past.  There is no easy way to sort them.  Instead, from March 15-April 18 there will be a Sign Up Genius that includes very detailed requests from local families – including gender, sizes, and specific clothing needs.  These dates will overlap Spring Break and hopefully give everyone plenty of time to sort through their clothes to see if they can find items to match the specific requests.
  • If you find any matches – then you would sign up to donate those items.  All requests will be made by number (ie: family 1, child A), and the donor is being asked to bag the items together for each child being supported.  (ie: all 1A clothes in one bag, all 3C clothes in another bag, etc.)
  • Please make every effort to be there on the morning of the 24th to drop off your clothes, but ii you can’t come, then we will make arrangements to get them in advance.  Please contact us at so we can make those arrangements.
  • If there are kids who aren’t supported by donations, then we’ll offer them some gift cards to help out instead.  So we will be requesting a few gift cards to have as back ups.  These will also be on the Sign Up Genius list.
  • You are welcome to buy new items if desired to match a request, but that is not an expectation!  Gently used clothes would be fine as long as they are not ripped, stained, or inappropriate in some way.
  • No underwear, socks, or bathing suits can be donated unless they are new and properly packaged.
  • Please wash all donated items in advance if possible.

Questions should be sent to

A few final reminders. 

If your child donates an item that is a bit “obvious” and then sees a student wearing that item, nothing should be said.  These are our neighbors and asking for help is never easy.  Let’s make sure we treat everyone with dignity in this drive.  That includes not donating items that:

  • have an obvious stain, are ripped, or badly frayed
  • have inappropriate logos or wording
  • are old and clearly worn (clearly junk)
  • are t-shirts with include logos from your kids camps or youth sports or your vacation outing
  • have any safety hazards

Clothing Event Summaries

To see summaries of past Kids’ Clothing Events, including pictures and the list of volunteers and donors, please go to the Archived Clothing Events tab.

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