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If you would like to receive our periodic e-newsletter and/or volunteer for T&E Care, please sign up on the form on this page. The e-newsletter is sent when there is a need or a local announcement (about monthly). Please note that we use Constant Contact to send out the emails, so please alert your system to accept emails from newsletter@tecare.org. If, in the newsletter you read about a need or program and feel you can help, then we welcome your assistance. If you can’t help at that time, feel free to delete and wait for the next email. We look forward to your support in whatever way you can offer it!

Required Background Checks for Volunteers Who Interact with Children

All volunteers who work directly with kids are required by the state of PA and T&E Care to get both a Child Abuse History Clearance Check and a Criminal Background Record Check. These applications are not complicated to complete. Additionally, anyone who has not lived in the state of PA for at least 10 consecutive years must get an FBI clearance. Residents of PA for 10 years or more can fill out a witnessed affidavit in lieu of doing the FBI clearance. A copy of the affidavit is below.

If you have already gotten the required clearances for a job and/or another volunteer capacity you don’t need to apply again just send us all the final paperwork for each of the clearances. IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you are applying to the TESD to do volunteer work, do those applications FIRST and send us the copies. TESD has a slightly different process and can’t accept our applications, but we can accept theirs. This is especially true for anyone needing the FBI clearance.
All clearances must be updated every 5 years.  It is best if they can all be done in the same year so your record-keeping is made easier. Please contact us at clearances@tecare.org for assistance if needed.  To better understand the various requests go to https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Clearances/Pages/default.aspx.  To read an article about clearances found on the PA website – you can download it here.

For the Criminal Background Check – PSP (Volunteers)

Go to this PA Dept of Human Services site to get the on-line application. It takes just a minute or so to complete this application, and you should get the results immediately.  Click on NEW VOLUNTEER RECORD CHECK. The $22 fee is waived for volunteers!   (You will have to put in that you are a volunteer, the organization name (Tredyffrin & Easttown Care), and the organization phone (484-254-6510).  Be sure to keep going all the way to the end in order to receive the official certificate of clearance.  You can either scan that and email it to us at clearances@tecare.org or print and mail a copy to T&E Care, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399.

For the Child Abuse Application  – form CY113 (Volunteers)

You also need to get Child Abuse clearances.  To do this go to the Child Abuse on-line application.  This application MUST be done online. It usually takes 10-14 days to get an email back with those results.  The fee is waived if you are doing this for volunteer purposes – which you will be for T&E Care!  More information about clearances required under the Child Protective Services Law can be found at www.keepkidssafe.pa.gov.

To do the on-line application:

  • Create an individual account.  (The Keystone ID is an email address – you should use the same email address when the form later asks for email.)
  • You will then get a temporary password sent to that email.
  • Then you go back to the home screen and click on Individual Login
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom – click on CONTINUE.
  • Log in with your email and temporary password.
  • Make up your new password and then start over again (sorry – we didn’t make this up!)
  • Log in with your email and new password.
  • Once you start the application they will ask for the name of the organization – put in Tredyffrin and Easttown Care (you can’t use the &!)
  • As you continue you will see that you will receive the results online.  You also will have the option to get a paper copy.  We don’t need the paper copy – as long as you can send us the online results.  It’s up to you if you also want the paper copy.
  • Near the end you will be asked if we gave you an authorization code to waive the payment.  You can say NO – the payment will be waived anyway!
  • You should receive an email confirming your application.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, contact ChildLine and Abuse Registry’s Child Abuse History Clearance Unit at 1-877-371-5422.
  • You should receive the email notifying you of the results in 14 days or less.  Please watch your spam folder for that as well! Once you get it then you need to get a copy of that and a copy of the criminal background check and get them to T&E Care.

For the FBI Clearances – if you’ve lived in PA 10 or more consecutive years

Complete the Volunteer Affidavit – Exemption from FBI Clearance and submit to T&E Care. This affidavit needs to be witnessed. Mail it to us at T&E Care, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399, or scan/email it to us at clearances@tecare.org.

For the FBI Clearances – if you’ve lived in PA less than 10 years

Volunteers who have lived in PA less than 10 years must obtain an FBI Federal Criminal History Clearance which also requires fingerprint submission. We believe the steps to get this clearance include (we have not been able to confirm this as everyone we work with has lived here more than 10 years – if you need to get this clearance and can help us revise the steps – please send us that info!!):
  • Go to  www.pa.cogentid.com, click “Department of Human Services” button, click “Registration Process”
  • The online registration process takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  IMPORTANT NOTE: one of the required options ask you why you need to get your fingerprints done.  The option you should choose is: Employment with the likelihood of contact with children. We confirmed that this is the right option. There is no separate option for volunteering.
  • Once you have completed the form, print out the last screen where it says you have completed registration.
  • The clearance costs $25.75 (as of February 2018). The fee can be paid online with a credit card.
  • Take your registration ID number and a passport or driver’s license to a fingerprint agency.
  • In 48 hours you can see your results online. A written receipt will come in the mail in 2 weeks.
  • T&E Care must have a copy of the written receipt before you can volunteer with children.
  • For questions about the FBI clearance go to https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Clearances/Pages/FBI-Fingerprinting.aspx

When you get all the final clearances please mail a copy of them to us at T&E Care, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399 or  scan/email them to us at clearances@tecare.org. Thanks for understanding our need for your help to complete this important process.

Are you Interested in Volunteering With T&E Care?

We can certainly use your help!

As T&E Care continues to grow we have many ways that we could use help of community members. Besides needing your help with donations of money and “stuff”, we could use YOU. If you’d like to get more involved here are some of the many areas we can use help. We promise we will not abuse your offer of help! Email us at information@tecare.org if you want to get involved.
Administrative Assistance for T&E Care
  • Grant writing – there are grants out there that we would qualify for, but we need help finding them and completing the required applications.
  • Data management – We use Google Sheets to organize our information and our finances, and are always open to someone who is proficient with that platform.
  • Publicity – we can use help putting out press releases, creating brochures, etc.
  • Website – we can always use help maintaining our website.
  • Social Media (Instagram/Facebook) –  we can use help keeping our Instagram and our Facebooks accounts up to date.
  • Development/Business solicitations – if you are comfortable asking people or businesses for donations then we could REALLY use your help. We know that there are local businesses who would be willing to support local organizations such as ours, but we need help reaching out to them.
  • Computers – we refurbish computers for families and prepare new laptops for college kids. We can always use someone with good IT skills. We also appreciate people who are good with computer basics who can help a set up computers for a family or college student.
  • CPA/Auditing – we sometimes need help at tax time with various tax forms. We also can always use the skills of someone who is good with numbers as we grow in size and budget.
  • Thank you notes – if you are looking for a volunteer job that allows you to stay at home with your kids this is the place for you.  We often need help writing thank you notes for donations made to T&E Care.

Helping directly with a family

  • College application process – we have different mentors working with college students who are struggling with FAFSA applications, the general financial aid process, and other decisions about college. You don’t need to be a professional. If you’ve had a child go through this process and you found it easy to follow you can help.
  • Legal advice– some families run into situations that require legal advice of all different sorts: divorce, employment, foreclosure, etc. If you are a lawyer (or know one) who could give us a little time now and then, we’d really appreciate hearing from you.
  • Construction skills – many of the homes the families live in are in a state of disrepair. If you are a handyman or contractor, or have skills doing minor electrical or plumbing work, please let us know.
  • Financial skills – if you are good with budgeting, we would love to connect you with a family to help them work through some financial difficulties that might be hindering their path to a better future.
  • Job assistance – if you have human resource skills (can look at resumes, can offer advice on interviewing, etc.) we would love to put your name on our list. Often helping people get new jobs is the most important step to getting them back on their feet.
  • Driving – now and then we are asked to offer a ride for a family or child without access to transportation. If you could be called on to help with that now and then, we’d really appreciate it.
  • Spending time with kids – we are always looking for people with extra time who could be a “big brother” or “big sister” to some local kids.
  • Tutoring – we occasionally get requests from families looking for extra tutoring help for their child/children. If this is something you’d be willing to offer, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Social work skills – we love to know people who understand the general government bureaucracy in applying for assistance.  When a person is struggling this can be a huge mountain for them to climb alone.

Helping with a T&E Care program or event

  • Fundraisers – for our big fundraiser each fall we need lots of volunteers: planning decorations and activities, soliciting auction prizes and sponsors, creating the program booklet, managing the silent auction and raffles, record keeping, sending invitations, etc. Contact us at fallfest@tecare.org.
  • Furniture moving – Now and then we provide furniture to families who have moved to a new home in this area and have no furniture, or just need a new bed or other furniture. If you have a large vehicle and are willing to help move items let us know at stuff@tecare.org
  • Help with our programs – we run a number of programs during the year that are labor intensive. These include:
    • our School Supply Drive – committee work begins in March/April, the drive runs in July and sorting day is late July. Questions: schoolsupplies@tecare.org
    • our Holiday Drive – committee work begins late September, the drive runs mid November through early December and our sorting days are the 1st or 2nd week of December. Questions: holidays@tecare.org
    • our Holiday Dinners – we help families at both Thanksgiving and around Christmas with special meals. We organize a month or so before the actual holiday and deliver the food just prior to the holiday.
    • our Kids’ Clothing Event – committee work begins in January and the event runs early spring (date changes based on Spring Break). Questions: clothes@tecare.org
    • our Camp Assistance Program – the committee work begins in January as we work with families to cover cost of summer camps.  Our program runs throughout the entire spring. Questions: camp@tecare.org
    • our Stuff Program – this runs all year long helping families who have asked for household items; it is NOT labor intensive all the time – just whenever such a request comes in. Questions: stuff@tecare.org

Other types of assistance

  • Auto skills – many of the families we support have OLD cars, or they are looking to buy a used car. We could really use the advice of a mechanic (or someone who knows cars) now and then.
  • Other skills – we know there are other ways people can help – let us know what your skills are and how we can best use your talent.
If everyone does a little, no one needs to do a lot.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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