Many Thanks From Families Supported
by the T&E Care Community

Now and then community members ask us to give some information about some of the families our group has supported. Because these families are our neighbors, we respect their interest in confidentiality. However, when we receive words of thanks from a family we’ve supported we’ll post them here. This way you can easily check out to see that your donations really are appreciated. We’ll keep updating as we get additional notes. Note:  All notes are edited only to remove names and any identifying comments.



May 2020 – You and your 🦸‍♀️team 🦸‍♂️ are amazing and so very generous.😇 I truly appreciate your efforts for me and my family💜 may god bless🙏 you all! Thank you so much 🤝🥳 from the bottom  my heart💗

May 2020 – after helping a family with bills during the coronavirus – thank u for everything – it means the world to me&my family. u truly are a blessing u&ur whole organization. I really mean that we could never thank u enough!!!!

May 2020 – after helping a family with bills during the virus:  I so appreciated YOU and the whole board with times like this. I
never experienced this with no INCOME for over month few weeks. I keep praying and pushing towards GOD. Always he’s going make away out of no
way. With all the HELP though all of you. Keeping me feed and keep my house cleaned. Thanks so much. Thank you so much fir everything and the BOARD. Such a  blessings to me and my family.  Thank you Thank you.

May 2020 – from a family during the virus: I just wanted to thank you again for all the help TE Cares has provided to me and my family, I can’t express how grateful I truly am.vvPlease continue to stay safe!

May 2020 – from a family after paying bills because of the virus: This is very kind, and the work you are doing is much appreciated. Ihope you and your family are well. Thank you again.

May 2020 – after helping a young lady through 4 years of college:  I know I’ve said it a million times but I will never stop saying thank you for all the help you and the T&E Care organization have given me and my family over the years. Today was supposed to be my graduation but because of the virus the postponed it to August. I would not have been able to graduate college if it weren’t for the generosity of everyone involved with this organization. It’s people like you and organizations like T&E Care that make the world a better place and allow people like me to be able to succeed. I included a picture of me in my cap and gown but I’ll be sending more in August when I get to officially walk! Thank again from the bottom of my heart for everything.

May 2020 – after helping a student through 4 years of college who is about to graduate: Thank you for the faithful support throughout 4 years. It’s amazing what you guys do to help a student like me. I really want to give back like how you guys are doing for us. I will love to mentor any younger students! I will really want to help T&E Care in what they do because I know it impacted my life greatly.

May 2020 – after paying the mortgage for a family struggling during the virus: We appreciate the support so much! This means so much for our family. Thank you! Hope you can stay safe and healthy during these times. 

April 2020 – after paying rent for a local small business – I want to thank you so very much and all the members of T&E Care for the immense help you have given to me! You will never know how much that meant to me.

April 2020 – after paying a car loan for someone during the virus crisis: Thank u so much… U an ur board at T&E Care goes above and beyond to help us always.

April 2020 – after paying car insurance for a mom during the virus crisis: Thank you so much you don’t understand how much I appreciate all of your generosity if I could I would hug you thank you so much……..

April 2020 – after paying the rent for a single mom during the virus crisis: Oh thank you soo much! I can apply for unemployment as of today so I am getting that done so I will be covered for next month. I really appreciate all the help you have given us. I can’t say thank you enough.  We would have been in real trouble without your help. It means a lot to us. 

April 2020 – after paying rent and PECO for a mom during the crisis she said: I don’t know how to thank you and your board for all of this. You have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I am so very grateful. I don’t feel like I am drowning anymore. I will definitely be able to handle things from here. I really can’t stop smiling right now. I hope to see you in person one day so I can give you a hug. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

April 2020 – after paying a few bills for a family during the crisis:  Thank you so much for the gesture. We really appreciate this and pray for more of God’s blessings upon your organization. We are so grateful.

April 2020 – after helping a family during the coronavirus situation:  How can I ever begin to thank you for your generous gift to our family during this difficult time?  Words cannot express my gratitude to you.  May God bless and protect each and every one of you as we all try to navigate through this challenging time.  With my deepest thanks…

April 2020 – after getting a family some gift cards for groceries during the coronavirus crisis: Thanks so much!  This will be a huge help for my family.  Hope you are doing well during these crazy times!!

March 2020 – After paying rent for a person during the coronavirus crisis: To whom it may concern, the Board of Directors, Auxiliary Board and anyone else you feel this email should be forwarded to. THANK YOU. It would be impossible to express the gratitude I have for T&E Care or the level of recognition your organization deserves but I will make an attempt. I was referred to T&E Care through a community member, After emailing your organization a board member was in contact with me shortly. She’s a wonderful person and was so kind and understanding in her efforts to help and find solutions to my situation. The financial assistance offered was uplifting and took a huge burden off my shoulders. The immediate help was greatly appreciated and can not be overlooked but what I find remarkable is knowing that a small local organization like T&E exists. Helping neighbors in the present and in tough times is absolutely wonderful but an organization making such positive impacts in their past and their future is the real value T&E brings to the community. I can’t thank all of you enough. I could ramble on for a few more paragraphs about how fortunate I have been to be connected with T&E Care but considering the current crisis I am sure you’re all a bit busy. I also couldn’t put into words how appreciative I am to do it justice anyway. I would just like the Board of Directors, the Auxiliary Board, Donors, Volunteers  and anyone else associated with T&E Care to know how much I appreciate your help and that your efforts do not go unrecognized. I look forward to opportunities in the future to help other people in need and I hope to meet many of you once this crisis has calmed down. My best wishes to all of you and your families.

March 2020 – After helping a CHS senior with the deposit for her college tuition:  Thank you very much for the payment. I appreciate it deeply. I am very excited to embark on this next chapter of my life and I am grateful for all the support and resources T&E Care as provided me and continues to provide me during this process.  Have a great rest of your day.

March 2020 – after paying a few bills for a local mom during the coronavirus crisis:  Thank you so so much, this is such a weight off of us with all this unknown and we appreciate it so much. We talk all the time about how we can’t wait to be in a position to help support T&E Care and help other families who are going through difficult times because we know how amazing the support we received has meant for our family, especially Christmas time when it has made the world of difference for our children’s Christmas morning. I just wanted to say how much we appreciate you all.

March 2020 – after helping a single dad with some bills – OMG!!!! I cannot believe what I’m reading!! Yes let’s talk tomorrow. This is so unbelievably amazing in so many ways. I never thought this would happen. 😊❤️❤️❤️ I don’t know what to say. Thank you SO SO SO much. I am crying right now I am so touched and moved by this gesture. I didn’t think I was going to make it out of this nightmare. God 10000% is working through you. *** My friend  said a prayer for me specifically as we hung up the phone last night. And the majority of it was asking for a huge miracle and a blessing out of nowhere that will rescue me from this. I have the chills right now. God is absolutely amazing. And you and your team must be something  really special if He uses you to this magnitude and literally save someone’s life from falling apart.

March 2020 – after paying some bills for a family during the coronavirus crisis: To all of TE care members – I am speechless towards  your kindness,help and support.  We are so grateful for your rapid response to pay our bills and helping us to overcome all this epidemic COVID-19 safely. Millions of appreciations and thanks towards your noble and outstanding Support any time we seeking help🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌🇺🇸 It’s was great to hear your calming and lovey voice and making me so secure  and strong to help my family your give such a great motivation I am not alone in my community I am so thankful to be part of TESD community 🙏🌻⭐️🌻🌸🙏

March 2020 – after paying a bill during the coronavirus crisis: Thank you. I can not tell you how much this mean to my family right now.

March 2020 – after offering assistance to a family during the coronavirus crisis:  Thank God! This is a huge weight off my mind. I have another job interview tomorrow at the local Giant. My cousin works there and she put in a good word for me with her Store Manager. Fingers crossed!

March 2020 – after offering assistance to a family during the coronavirus crisis:  Omg thank you so much. I almost started crying I got up to go to the porch to answer you because I didn’t want my children to see me getting emotional.   I’m going to sit down with my finances tonight and figure out what I can pay and what I can’t pay.  I’m down to about $200. Oh my lord…   I just don’t know what to say thank you so much.   Thank you, thank you, 🙏 thank you.  

March 2020 – after paying bills related to the coronavirus crisis: God bless you all so much, this truly takes a huge weight off my mind while out of work.  Thank goodness for answered prayers!  Praying that everyone’s families stay healthy and sane.

March 2020 – after paying bills related to the coronavirus crisis:  Thank you so much!!  Again, truly so grateful for all of the help throughout this difficult time! 

March 2020 – after paying some bills for a mom after a divorce: This is incredibly helpful!!!!!   Thank you so so so much!!   You have no idea how much this means to me!   You might have an idea that I’m trying my best to get out of this situation.   I was in an abusive marriage and I got out of it.  Now he is punishing me with finances and using the kids to hurt me.  Your support takes a load off my shoulders. 

February 2020 – after paying for a car repair for a family:  I just want to say Thank you again. I’m so thankful for the help from TE Care for the repair in my car. The mechanic said that I got it in just in time. Things have be a real struggle lately and this was such a blessing for me as I don’t know what I would have down without my car. Just Thank you!!!

January 2020 – after helping a college student with some bills: Wonderful! I know I say it all the time but a few more times couldn’t hurt. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and my family over the years. It’s people like you that make the world a better place. 

January 2020 – after the holiday drive: I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone that was involved with making our holiday so special!! I can not even begin to express my gratitude for all of the gifts, and the large amount of food for our holiday meals! My daughter had a wonderful holiday thanks to all of you. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful, giving community. Thank you again!!


December 2019 – after the Holiday drive (from a senior citizen):  Words can not truly express how grateful I am for your generosity.  I waited to open my presents until Christmas morning they were the only gifts under my tree and what gifts they were!  I don’t know how you do it but everything was so needed and made my holiday so happy and joyful. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Peace.

December 2019 – after a Holiday Dinner delivery:  I’m am in complete awe and full of tears as I put all of these delicious goodies away!! Your generosity helps so much.

December 2019 – after our holiday drive: I  want to express my gratitude to you and T&E Care members for making our holidays wonderful, full of happiness and joy! Each gift is so special and wonderful, the kids were so excited and happy when opening the gifts today. It feels like Santa knew what presents they wish Santa would bring them. My daughter is so happy she got the warmest and coziest winter jacket!  It’s perfect and it will serve her for 2-3 years for sure! Beautiful books – she loves to read! All presents were so perfect and so needed!  The little one was playing with all his new wonderful toys for all day. I am so grateful for the toaster, for electric kettle  and for all the house suppliers and other amazing beauty things I got!!! Best gifts!!!  and it will make my life so much easier this year!!!  I am so grateful  for food! My kids enjoy delicious cacao with little marshmallows and chocolate  and all other yummy foodies every day!And thank you for all the gift cards! I made a big shopping at Wegmans, and cooked a delicious holidays dinner . Thank you so much for everything you do for us – for whole year!  You are a Real Santa , and since last yes I started to believe in Magic! Thank you so much for everything you do and I hope one day I will help people like you support me and many others people!  I wish you and all the members of T&E Care – only health, joy and happiness for 2020.  Merry Christmas!!!

December 2019 – after our holiday drive: Good morning.  I can’t thank you and your organization again for the wonderful help and support for this Christmas holiday, again.  Wanted to share some great news with you – my son’s leave was approved and he WILL be coming home for Christmas!!!  We’re so excited and your organization helped take the financial piece out of the way so I can concentrate on making memories and feeding my Marine and the rest of my family!!!  I can’t tell you how much this means to me!  Again, thank you for all you and your organization does for us!!  God bless you.

December 2019 – after our holiday drive: Thank you so much for giving us help for the Christmas season this year!  You truly helped us to have a joyous Christmas – from gifts to dinner!!!  You are such wonderful people who truly care and make a difference for so many people. I hope you had joyful holidays!! 🙂  Thank you for all you do for our family and many others!

December 2019 – after the holiday drive: I wanted to send a thank you to TE Cares and everyone who gave to make our Christmas special.  We really appreciate each and every person who donated.  I want to give a special thank you to xxx for delivering the gifts to my home and baking delicious cookies.  Thank you so much!

December 2019 – after paying a bill for a college student:  Thank you so much for your help. I am very grateful for your generosity and your kindness. Helping to pay my tuition bill is a huge load off my mind. Again, I thank you immensely for your kindness and I look forward to paying you back in the future. God bless you. 

December 2019 – after our holiday drive: To who it may concern,I can not begin to express how thankful I am. Today we received our gifts. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who contributed. I am in tears because I having a conversation with my mother about 15 minutes before the driver got here. We were discussing how to get groceries for the week because we just don’t have the money since our food stamps have been shut off. I opened the envelope to find wegmans gift cards. As I type this I’m crying because I can now go to the grocery store with no worries. Thank you all so much! You are all a blessing! I can’t thank you enough! 

December 2019 – after our holiday drive: My family & I just wanted to say thank you for the generosity of all that was given to us Thank you to all that participated, donated and gave, volunteered, we really appreciate such a blessing.

November 2019 – after helping a single mom with some bills: Hello to all the T&E Care board members.  I wanted to sincerely thank you for your generosity and compassion you have given to my family.  You were an amazing help through this process.  I feel extremely grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

October 2019 – after paying down some of a college graduate’s student loans:  Thank you so much for everything the past 4 years and now this!  Thank you for the help towards my loan and for being there to help me find a job.  I appreciate you all so much and you all have been a huge blessing.  I am beyond grateful for the constant help and love.  Thank you!

October 2019 – after fixing a car for a senior citizen:  Just as I had begun to surrender to defeat, and start the process of accepting an impossible situation…. T&E Care came through  I can’t tell you how nice it is to no longer breathe gas fumes or to face having to ride numerous buses to my medical appointments, with a painful foot. Thank you for providing the funds needed to replace my fuel pump. This has been a tough year for me so far, and your help has been such a redemption!  If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

September 2019 – after helping a mom get settled into a new apartment after an ugly move: The move was hectic and great.  Thank you and all of your team so much for helping to make it happen.  You have relieved a huge burden from us, giving us room in our budget to be able to buy essential items for the new place.  I have to say that I felt pretty ashamed to even ask for/need the help, but am ever so grateful to have received it.  As my friend has counseled me of late, “accept the love.”  So here I am, embracing it.  

August 2019 – after paying the rent for a single mom with a seriously ill daughter:  I don’t even know what to say. I am beyond grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. If there is anything I can do to help the T&E Care organization out please let me know. Thank you again!!! You all really are amazing!

August 2019 – general letter of support from a mom:  I am a disabled mother of multiple children. My family has suffered many hardships and without the amazing support of T&E Care, we would not be able to get school supplies, household items, holiday gifts, gas and grocery gift cards, as well as summer camps. As a proud, independent, individual it is hard for me to ask for help; however, when it comes to my children, I will do whatever I can to ensure they have what they need to succeed in school, over the summer, and life! I am indebted to T&E Care for everything they have done for me and my family. Our life has been difficult due to my illnesses and economic down turn of our finances, it has been a miracle and a blessing to know that there is an organization I can reach out to that will assist in any way they possibly can, it gives me peace of mind, one less thing to stress over. Without the help of T&E Care, I shudder to think where my children and I would be right now. Thankfully, I do not have to worry, I know they are an e-mail away and will assist with everything they can. The services offered by T&E Care are invaluable to our community. They are an absolute blessing to those of us that are fortunate enough to receive assistance without judgement and embarrassment.

May 2019 – from a recent college graduate that we had been supporting: This Saturday, I graduated from college. As I reflected on my time in school, I thought about all those that helped me along the way. I am so grateful for all that T&E Care has done for me. Thank you for helping me get laptops, notifying me about scholarships, and so much more. My time in school was significantly easier thanks to your kindness! Thank you!

March 2019 – after paying the mortgage for a local mom: Thank you thank you and thank you for all you have done for me. I just felt a jolt of joy.

March 2019 – from a mom we’ve worked with for about 5 years who finally was in good enough shape to buy a small house: To the people who have been a backbone and support with me on this journey – I know there are more people in the background who have been there through thick and thin. Like every time I am sharing one more achievement, I feel proud and emotional that I was able to save and not depend on T E for the huge leap I took this time. I am not sure how to explain but you all have touched my life immensely and the gratitude I have is not explainable. I am carrying forward all the help and passing it over to many more who are in need in whichever way I can. The battle is never-ending and draining but I have extended family like you all to vent. I am in loss of words while typing this good news to you all. Additional good news I applied for citizenship and cleared the test. I got my naturalization a week ago. Thank you so much. HUGS.

March 2019 – from an adult who needed help with rent after her mom died – Thank you so very much, again, for your help during this challenging time. I honestly couldn’t have made it through (still in process) without your help and support with the rent this month. I appreciate it more than I can say.

February, 2019 – from a student getting a laptop for college: I cannot thank you enough for the laptop.  It was such a blessing to receive and truly turned around the start of my semester.  I am so grateful for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for myself and my family.  

January, 2019 – from a mom we have helped in the past:  I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you regarding the awesome Christmas and holiday feast that t/e cares blessed me with, I was so overwhelmed I cried and hugged the volunteer so tightly. You all have always been there for me and my daughter through some hard times and you are greatly appreciated and the gratitude omg you just don’t  know.  My life is a whole mess. It’s just the hand I was dealt unfortunately. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I don’t think anyone is more grateful than me for t/e cares.

January 2019 – from a student we support in college:  This past Monday I attended the dinner for the a special scholarship. It was a really great time and I am grateful I had the opportunity to thank the Foundation in person. I want to thank you for notifying me about the scholarship two years ago – I never would have known about it otherwise. Your help throughout my college career with this scholarship, the Pioneer Plus scholarship, laptop and printer, and school supplies has made an immense difference in my undergraduate experience. Thank you so much for all that you have done and do for myself and my family!

January 2019 – from a student we support in college:  Thank you so much!  I just wanted to inform you that I also accepted my summer internship offer for summer 2019. I am working there also during the winter break as full time hours and will be working 15 hours per week during spring break. I honestly couldn’t have accomplished or made it this far without the help of you guys. I am so thankful for the support you guys provide for me.

January 2019 – from a mom receiving help with some bills:  I want to thank you for all your kindness and generosity in helping me pay my past due car payment and rent during this difficult time.  This gift has helped me more than you know.  I am grateful beyond words.


  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive:  Thank you!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. I cannot thank your organization enough for all you do for us during the holidays.  Made this an extra special Christmas since my son was able to get leave.  We all love our gifts and thank you again. He has a long drive back but I’m so grateful he was able to come home and your organization made this a great Christmas for us all.  Thank you and God bless you and everyone at TE Cares.
  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive: I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone involved in the T/E Care community! You guys made our Christmas that much more special!  My daughter was so excited on Christmas morning! I can not express how grateful we are for all of your generosity with the gifts, food and gift cards! God Bless all of you! We are so eternally grateful!! Happy New Year!
  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive: I can not thank everyone enough, from the bottom of our hearts, for the amazing holiday presents! Your kindness and generosity brought tears to my eyes, when the person who delivered the items opened up the back of her SUV and said “all of this, is yours!”. I will never forget that moment. It truly means so much, during a personally challenging time. My goal is to soon be helping on your side, to give back to others who would benefit, by volunteering with this wonderful program in the future. Thank you once again and have a happy new year!
  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive:  I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone involved in the holiday gift drive.I can’t believe the amount of generosity.  My cupboards have never been full before, and I am eternally grateful. It wasn’t easy leaving my marriage, but I finally found the strength to do so.  It hasn’t been easy living paycheck to paycheck.  Having received such wonderful gifts has allowed me to save money on all those essential living items.  I never splurge on treats and seeing my son devour the cookies in a single sitting, made me remember how much he loved them. I could go on and on for each and every item delivered. Please know that I am truly thankful and will let nothing go to waste. Kindly express my gratitude to everyone involved.  My prayers go out that each and every one of you to have the merriest of Christmases ever!
  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive:  I wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for the delivery. My family and I really appreciate all of your help. If there’s anything I can do in return, please do not hesitate to contact me. God bless you and happy holidays to you. Thank you sincerely. 
  • December 2018 – after our holiday drive:  I can’t express my gratitude for the gifts we received today. I shed tears of joy and gratitude when opened the “happy holidays” envelope and bags with gifts.  We have never received so many gifts for past couple years. I believe in miracles and T&E care with its wonderful sponsors and volunteers are the evidence that miracles happen and that our world is full of kind and incredibly generous people. Just yesterday night, I was thinking about what to shrink and where to trim this month in order to buy winter boots for my daughter and car seat for my baby boy, since my friend, who gave me her car seat to use, just had her own newborn recently). And ta da…I was astonished by so many gifts delivered to us today!!!! I am literally dancing all day long today! Ohh… and those delicious cookies, my daughter sang all evening “ they are my most favorite cookies in the world ”. (She didn’t see the beautifully packed gifts for her yet. I will be putting them under the tree on Christmas eve.) This year was one of the hardest,  because I lost the apartment of my dear departed parents, but at the same time one of the happiest years with the birth of my second child. I am so lucky that I relocated to this area. T&E care and it’s supporters are the great example how we should raise our children and I wish we can help someone one day like you do for so many families. Thank you so much for making our holiday season so magical. And I wish everyone a lot of health, happiness and miracles in their lives! Happy holidays
  • December 2018 – sent to the driver who delivered the holiday drive gifts:  I just wanted to send you another thank you for what you did for me and my daughter. You are such a wonderful person.  God Bless You!
  • November 2018 – After our Thanksgiving dinner program a mom said: Wow!  what an incredible amount of food!  I’m beyond thankful for the tremendous generosity and efforts of everyone involved!  Please pass along how much this means to me and my family!
  • November 2018 – a note of thanks at Thanksgiving – I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all (the entire T E Care team) for your support. The monetary support, meals/food, grocery, resources, emotional help, car, rent, bills ….the list goes on. All of this took a lot of stress off of me. It helped me stand up and take time and figure out what our life is going to be and how I can navigate through daily challenges. I am not sure how we would have been able to make it through this trying time without the help from friends like you. I really value your friendship, and I’m so grateful to have you our my life.  I would also like to add that these words are not enough to thank for what you all have given to us in physical and non-physical form. I pray to god to give more people like you to society for all of us to live happy and secure.
  • October 2018 – after offering holiday assistance to a family we were told: Our family can be removed from your list.  As a matter of fact- I would like to shop for a family.  I’m sure you get many happy endings with all of the great work you do!  Through my divorce I was forced to close a business and could barely make ends meet but keeping my kids in the family home in this amazing school district was top priority.  As I struggled to get my head above water the kids really never knew… thanks to you they had school supplies on the first day of school,  and they went to camp and had warm winter clothes and much more!  Thank you for getting us through the really rough times!  Now it’s our time to help others!  What you do is amazing!!!!  I thank God for the struggles because now I truly appreciate the easy days! 
  • October 2018 – after paying a rent bill and making a car payment for a mom who is out of work – Thank you so much ☺️ Words cannot express how grateful I am for the help your organization have given my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻
  • October 2018 – we recently worked with a mom to help purchase a “new” used car.  After saving for over a year and then with our support we could get her a decent car.  She said, To everyone involved from TE Care:  Previously I had lost my car – I went to school to be an RN and made it through to clinicals and then I got sick with Lyme Disease.  I am going to now try to go back and finish up, everyone I am around says you need to go back you know so much. That’s my goal. I am sooooo happy that the board members could help me purchase a car that is suitable and very capable of helping me continue to work and take care of my family and later try to return to school. God is good in every way and he provides! Thanks again – rest assured you are helping change lives and when I’m able I will give back! 
  • September 2018 – from a student supported with our college program: Thank you so much for all of the support you have given me this year & in previous years.  I honestly do not know what my mother and I would do without your generosity.  Thank you so much!
  • September 2018 – from a student supported with our college program: Thank you so much for the textbooks check, My parents told me that they received the check in the mail. It is hard to put in words how much I am thankful for everything.
  • August 2018 – after the school supply drive: I just wanted to send a thank you to T/E Cares for helping us buy the school supplies that is needed for my daughter this school year.  The gift cards included were so generous.  We are so blessed to living in a community that gives back as much as ours does.  I can not thank you again for all that T/E Cares has helped my family out with over the past few years.  It is GREATLY appreciated!  My daughter is looking forward to a great school year.  Enjoy the rest of summer 🙂
  • August 2018 – after summer camp assistance – My children enjoyed to attend the camp.  Thank you so much!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son has a wonderful experience at boy scout camp. Thank you and T&E Care for all that you do!!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son had a wonderful time at Red Buffalo Camp.  He had a horse for two weeks; He was thrilled to be there and see his horse every day and take care of him and learned to ride.  It was wonderful to visit him on parent evening and see how comfortable he was around the horses. He had an overnight where each tent was named after a state. Thank you so much for helping him to go there.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Let me start by saying thanks for everything, t&e care has been a blessing!  My children had the best time at camp. They made lots of friends and memories. We really appreciate everyone’s time and effort to make this camp experience one to remember. Looking forward to next year!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son had a wonderful time at Future Stars as always.  The new location was great and convenient. He had the opportunity to make new friends and had some friends attend from his school. The summer ended quickly and back to school is around the corner. 
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Thank you! The kids have one more week of camp left. They love ymca. it’s a great help from t e care that I was able to pay a portion of it.  Appreciate all the help and support.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Thank you so much – my children loved going to the YMCA tracks and Trails camp this year…. It was by far their favorite camp this summer! 
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My daughter LOVED her camp!  It is such a positive learning experience for the kids and teaches them kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.  Thanks so much to T&E Cares for making this possible!  We really appreciate it!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Thank you so much for letting my daughter experience camp this summer. Since I had surgery, it gave her an opportunity to have time with friends and enjoy Umly.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My daughter had a great time at Center on Central! Thank you for offering the assistance. I am very grateful for the help!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son attended overnight Boy Scout camp. It is the highlight of his summer. It is tons of fun and adventure, but they also work toward achievement badges, are expected to be disciplined and helpful. We can’t thank you enough!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Camp was great, thank you so much.  I couldn’t have afforded camp otherwise this summer.  What a blessing.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son enjoy the lax camp very much! he was able to meet kids in the area learn some lax skills  and have fun! Many thanks to T&E  Care for making this happen for my child!
  • August 2018 – from a dad after the delivery of school supplies:  Thank you very much! We appreciate all that you guys do, have a great rest of the summer.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Camp was terrific! My son had a great summer attending camp at the YMCA. His last day at camp is this coming Thursday and he is looking forward to returning to elementary school to see all of his friends as well as make new ones. We are very excited about First Grade!  Thank you and T&E Care for your help with making camp possible for my son this summer! As a single mom on a limited income, it is very stressful and challenging at times figuring out how I am going to make it all work. T&E is such a blessing and wonderful organization for parents like me and I am so grateful for all that you do for us.
  • August 2018 – after a single mom got school supplies:  I just wanted to send a thank you for helping with organizing the school supplies for my daughter.  I can not begin to explain how grateful we are for the assistance from T/E cares.  We are so lucky to live in a community that gives back as much as ours does!  My daughter is really looking forward to a great year in school.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – Camp was AMAZING! Thank you for all your organization does.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My oldest did Girl scout camp and loved the horse part. Very interested in volunteering with an equestrian center now, and had a great week away! My middle and youngest both did the UMLY- which is always nice as it gives them interaction with others and a great chance to cool off and swim! My daughter did dance and my son did a community habitat program which he enjoyed thoroughly! Thank you for your commitment to this program!
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – The camp was amazing!!! My daughter learned ice skating so good and the rest of the summer she remembered those bright moments of the time she spent at camp and had begging about going there again.
  • August 2018 after summer camp assistance – My son really did enjoy his time at The YMCA. Thank you for helping him with this experience.
  • August 2018 – after a college student received extra support for doing very well in school: My family and I are so incredibly grateful that you proposed us for additional assistance to your board. Please know your thoughtfulness and support do not go unrecognized. We are well aware you made intentional efforts to make this happen for us. I can promise you my hardest work and continued improvement as a return for your investment.  
  • July 2018 – after connecting with a college student who has received support in his journey – I will never have enough words to thank you for all the help and support that has always been there for me and my family. You guys have definitely made a change in my life and have given me a lot of opportunities to succeed. Moreover, I couldn’t be where I am without your aid. Once again, thank you so much for your kind heart and your selfless service.
  • July 2018 – after working with a Conestoga student in preparation for college – Thank you for the opportunity of T&E Care.  To know that in college I have someone looking out for me and to support and guide me through the process is a great blessing.  I know the road ahead will only get harder and harder, but to know I have support makes me want to give it my all!
  • June 2018 – after offering support to a student in college:  Thank you for so much guidance from high school through college.  Having 1st generation parents, it was very hard to understand the American college system and process.  T&E Care has been so supportive and truly I couldn’t have done it this smoothly without your help.  I really appreciate that you guys have this program to help kids with dreams like me.
  • March 2018 – after paying a rent bill: I want you and TE care  board of directors to known you are doing a great work for those in need.  You save me from the street or from living in an uncomfortable condition.  I feel so honored that you believe in me,  that trust you all have is phenomenal. I appreciate what you have done for me and what you are doing for others. Thank you and the board for paying my rent. God continue to bless you all so that you can be a blessing to whoever you are to help. I also thank my pastor for telling me about you.
  • February 2018 – after helping with the inspection and car repair for a single mom: The car company completed my car yesterday, I appreciate all ur organization has done for me and my daughter. I will be starting work Monday. So happy and lucky. God Bless u and the family.
  • February 2018 – after paying the back rent for someone facing eviction – Thank you so much – God bless you and God bless this TECare, and anything ,anything that I can do to be a blessing to you all – thank you – thank you so very much and I just don’t know how to begin to thank you  – I just don’t know but thank you and the rest of the board.
  • January 2018 – from a mom after the holidays:  I just wanted to thank this organization for all the generosity, the outreach, care, dedication and commitment that you continue to provide to my family. Words can’t express how much this community have reached out and helped me over and over again. It warms my heart to know that people are so caring about others.  If I had 1,000 tongues, I couldn’t thank you enough for all you have done and will continue to do for my family and others. Everyone has been so awesome and wonderful. I am truly blessed and highly favored.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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