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Holiday Drive 2020 – unreal!


Our Holiday Drive 2020 looked different this year due to Covid, but even with the changes – this community support was incredible!  We will definitely be able to support over 160 of our local neighbors with holiday cheer!  The requests went out, and you answered! Thank you – thank you – thank you!  The elves filled their sleighs and everything has been delivered! Check below for some notes of thanks!


“Thank you for the gifts, we really appreciate it. May you all have a wonderful holidays with your love ones.” “Thank you again for the drop off! We truly appreciate it!!!!”
“Thanks so much.  This is all just awesome!  What a difference for our holidays!”
“Thank you very much for everything!! It definitely took some stress off of my shoulders.  I truly appreciate everything T&E Care has done.”
More notes can be found on the “Words of Care” page.

Thanks so much for your phenomenal support!

Questions should be sent to


THANKS to all who helped out!

Each individual and family that lent a hand allowed T&E Care to support 160+ families… we can’t thank you enough. No matter the size of the donation – they all added up!  PLUS there were many special groups that helped out during this challenging year – each re-inventing the way they’ve helped in the past.  Special thanks to those groups including:

  • All our school reps who challenged each school to run a drive – even with the schools going virtual: Patty Neeb, Auste Joost, Kirstin Morris, Tara Donnelly, Jami Barnett, Jacqui Cosgrove, Meredith Gibson, Bryn Arata, Amanda Miller, Shirley Osborne, Amanda Ivory, Kim Jamme, Danyll Lockett, Nadia Gerard, and Beth Breault; plus 2 special reps:  Jen Tyrell and Molly Ryle
  • The TESD administration
  • The T&E Kids Care Club at CHS
  • Paoli Village Shoppes
  • The Covered Bridge Garden Club
  • Holland Advertising
  • Crush on Creative
  • St. Norberts Giving Tree
  • CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain Women’s Network
  • Stillwater Capital Advisors
  • Perspective Financial Group, an Alera Group Company
  • Acme
  • Mom’s Club of Tredyffrin/Easttown
  • Spring Mills Partners LLC
  • Four Counties Garden Club
  • Conestoga Girls Lacrosse
  • TEMS Student Council
  • TEYSA (coordinated by Kirsten MacFarland)
  • FC Europa
  • Conestoga Girls Field Hockey
  • HomeCooked
  • The Plaid Pajamas Project
  • St. Luke Lutheran Church


Thanks to the amazing Holiday Drive 2020 Committee!

Chairs:  Doreen McGillis and Jeanne Swope
Jean Allen
Jenny Rosback
Cammy Wagner
Pat Clark
Julia Fisher
Jean Purinton
Story Picard
Mary Frances Szpila
Bonnie Motel
Karen Ridder
Sandi Gorman
Tarin Cataldo

Special thank you notes

We always include on our Words of Care page thanks notes we receive after the drive from the families we supported.  But this year we wanted to also include notes from those who helped with the drive.  The impact is far reaching for sure:

  • ‘Stoga Field Hockey player: Such great news about how many families the drive was able to help!  Glad ‘Stoga hockey could be a part of it all!!
  • ‘Stoga Field Hockey player: Happy to help such a great organization especially because it helps our local community – hopefully we can keep the tradition going!
  • ‘Stoga Girls Lacrosse player: We were so happy to help and please let us know if T&E Care has other needs, we love to give back to our community:). Thank you!
  • One of our T&E Care School Reps: I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization and community. My youngest is in K so I don’t plan on giving up being my school rep for a while 😉 Happy 2021!
  • One of our T&E Care School Reps: We were so happy to help and we are so glad to hear the wonderful impact it had on those who needed support this holiday season. My youngest hasn’t even started school yet, so I’ll also be on board for a while!
  • School Principal: I am thrilled to hear that the efforts of our school families have been so well received by those in the community.  It is a pleasure to be a part of such a supportive team.
  • One of our T&E Care School Reps: I always get more out of helping with T&E Care than I can imagine. I am so glad everyone adapted to this year’s circumstances and so many were able to be helped. Looking forward to what this new year has in store!
  • School Principal: We were happy to be a part of this drive again this year. Thank you for your continued support of our students, their families and the community.
  • One of our T&E Care School Reps: It was our honor and pleasure to have supported these important efforts during a very difficult and trying year. Congrats to you and your team who worked so very hard to make all of this happen; our district is so lucky to have volunteers such as you to organize these events.
  • School Principal:  Thank you all so much for all the care you put into our school community and the T/E community! Today, I have been working with our counselor and others at T&E Care to help a new family, and it is simply amazing that there are tremendous resources just a phone call away.  Your generosity and kindness is changing lives at this very moment. This is why I love my job, this school, and this community so much.  Excellent work!
  • One of our T&E Care School Reps: Giving a little of ourselves to those in need only seems normal in our family.  I was part of those who delivered to some of the families struggling in our community, and seeing their reaction felt like a little bit of the heavy weight they currently have on their shoulders was lifted.  It was simply beautiful! Thanks to ALL of You who are working so, so hard to make this happen!

Holiday Drive 2019

The 2019 Holiday Drive is now over! THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERED AND TO ALL WHO DONATED!  What a huge undertaking – but what a great outcome.  This note of thanks says it all:

I can not begin to express how thankful I am. Today we received our gifts. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who contributed. I am in tears because I having a conversation with my mother about 15 minutes before the person making the delivery got here. We were discussing how to get groceries for the week because we just don’t have the money since our food stamps have been shut off. I opened the envelope to find Wegmans gift cards. As I type this I’m crying because I can now go to the grocery store with no worries. Thank you all so much! You are all a blessing! I can’t thank you enough! Happy holidays,

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

There are so many folks to thank who helped make this year’s Holiday Drive such a success.  All the individuals who gave up their time to volunteer either at our drive itself, or with a company or school or organization that did work in advance …. THANKS!  All those families or groups who sponsored a family, bought cleaning supplies or food or gift cards …. THANKS!  And the amazing committee that ran the event so flawlessly … THANKS!  Below is the list of special group and business donors that deserve an extra shout out – sometimes just coordinating a group is an effort in itself.  Please thank those when possible.

  • St. John’s Presbyterian Church (Devon) – for being the amazing host of our event
  • Papa John’s Pizza (Berwyn) and Jimmy Johns (King of Prussia) – lunch for volunteers at St. John’s
  • Valley Forge Elementary School – food drive
  • New Eagle Elementary School – book drive
  • Beaumont Elementary School – birthday bags
  • Devon Elementary School – fun gift cards
  • Hillside Elementary School – baggies and gift cards
  • T/E Middle School – toiletries
  • Valley Forge Middle School – hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and socks drive
  • Conestoga T&E Kids Care Club – books for high school kids
  • Saint Gobain – sponsoring different families
  • Paoli Village Shoppes – gift cards and cleaning supplies
  • Four Counties Garden Club – hand made wreaths
  • St. Norberts GivingTree Project – gift cards
  • Girl Scout Troops – Service Unit 637, 456, 41130, 4338, 41471, 41050, 4205, 4316, 00049, 4139, 4325, 4080, 41078, 4173, 434, 4112, 450, 41552, and 41050 – boxes and boxes of homemade cookies
  • Glenhardie Book Club – sponsoring a family
  • Homecooked (Paoli) – cleaning supplies
  • Penn Medicine Radiology VF – sponsored a family
  • Hotinski Oktoberfest event – gift cards
  • Shady Grove Fertility – sponsored assorted families
  • Wegmans – gift cards
  • Trader Joes – reusable shopping bags
  • FC Europa 2006 Boys Premier Soccer Team – family sponsor
  • FC Europa 2007 Boys Elite soccer team – toiletries
  • FC Europa 2008 Boys Elite soccer team – family sponsor
  • T/E Mothers Group – family sponsor
  • Publicis Health Media, LLC – toiletries
  • ERM Group Inc – toiletries and gift cards
  • Bath and Body Works (Exton) – family sponsor and food/toiletries
  • The VFES Cares Club/Ashley White (teacher) – decorated the gift card envelopes for all 115 families




Pictures from the 2019 Holiday Drive


We are once again in awe of this community and the support it offers its neighbors.  The results of this drive are staggering.  So many wonderful gifts.  So many donations of food and cleaning supplies and gift cards.  So many extras like wreaths, homemade cookies, special books.  And so many donors and volunteers helping to pull it all together.  What a wonderful holiday this will be for our neighbors!  Thank you to all!  Please look below at the list of the AMAZING PARTNERS who lent a hand, the volunteers who helped organize the event, and the pictures that show the great results.  Happy holidays to all!


Many many thanks to all those groups, businesses, and organizations that have lent a hand to make this year’s Holiday Drive so successful. Number one on that list is St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Devon, our host for the event.  This is totally a dream come true to hold the event at such a welcoming location.  We can’t thank them enough for this support.  Also included in that list are:

CHS: new books
TEMS: toiletries donations
VFMS: winter gear: scarves, gloves, hats, etc
HES: gift cards & baggies
VFES: food drive 
DES: “fun day out” gift cards
NEES: new books (and special wrappings)
BES: birthday bags
Tarleton: 20 toiletry baskets 
T/ESD Staff: gift cards
BES staff – sponsoring family
VFES staff – sponsoring various items for families
Glenhardie Book Club – cleaning supplies
TE Mother’s Group – sponsoring family
Plaid Pajama Project – PJs for many of the kids
Girl Scout Troop #4511 – wrapping PJs
Chesterbrook Quarters – food drive
Stoga Class of 2020 – sponsoring families
Mojo Fitness – fund raiser
St. Matthews United Methodist Church – youth gloves and hats
Penn Medicine Radiology VF – sponsoring a family

Shady Grove Fertility – sponsoring families
Homecooked (Paoli) – sponsoring families
Conestoga Varsity Field Hockey Team – toiletries
Conestoga Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team – toiletries
FC Europa 2007 Boys Elite Soccer team – sponsoring family
FC Europa 2006 Boys Premier Soccer team – sponsoring family
FC Europa 2009 Girls Premier Soccer team – sponsoring family
FC Europa 2007 Premier Girls – sponsoring a family
FC Europa Boys Elite Soccer Team – sponsoring family
Delaware Valley Children’s Charity – 150 plastic bags
Oktoberfest Party (Hotinski) – gift cards
Deck 5 Band event – gift cards
St. Norbert Church Giving Tree – gift cards
Paoli Shoppes – gift cards and cleaning supplies
Wegmans (Frazer) – gift cards for fresh produce for families
Girl Scout troops 42050 and 41552 – holiday cards for families
Arnott family – decorating large envelopes for families
Papa Johns – pizzas for volunteers
Jimmy Johns – sandwiches for volunteers
Einstein Bagels (Paoli) – bagels for volunteers
Four Counties Garden Club – Wreaths for families


Thanks for all those who were able to help out with this year’s holiday drive!  Above we listed business, organization and group donors who went above and beyond to make this event special.  Additionally, special thanks to all those committee members who are working hard to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.  If you’d like to get involved in future holiday drive events, contact us at

  • Chair:  Gretchen Guttman
  • Assistant Chair: Doreen McGillis, Jeanne Swope
  • Volunteers:  Story Picard & Karen Ridder
  • Gift Cards:  Pat Clark & Jean Purinton
  • Drop-offs/confirming donations:  Gretchen Guttman & Julia Fisher
  • Help gathering family needs:  Sandi Gorman, Mary Frances Szpila, Bonnie Motel
  • Recording Family Wish-lists:  Story Picard, Cammy Wagner
  • Group Donations:  Jenny Rosback & Jean Allen
  • Church Liaison:  Cammy Wagner and Nancy Higgins
  • Volunteer food donations/church set up: Joni King
  • Thanks notes: Tarin Cataldo, Laurie Doan, & Ellen Weaver




Holiday Drive 2017 – the amazing results

The 2017 T&E Care Holiday Drive is now history.  The community rallied and did a great job of offering holiday cheer to many of the local families with whom we have interacted throughout the year – and we know life is still complicated for them.  With over 100 families to support – the results yet again were staggering.  VERY special thanks to St. John’s Presbyterian Church for being our incredible host yet again this year.  It is such a PERFECT location for this event.  Special thanks as well to the many committee folks who organized various aspects of the drive (see the list below) – but special thanks to Gretchen Guttman for overseeing the entire event, Julia Fisher for being Gretchen’s right hand, and to Story Picard for setting up all the new Sign-up Genius pages for us.  We tried so many new aspects in this year’s drive – and it still went smoothly – in large part to these amazing folks.  Very special thanks to all those who donated gifts, gift cards, and general donation – we clearly couldn’t do this without you!  And to all those who came to help with loading/unloading, wrapping, and sorting, and delivering – it is a true team effort.  And to all those groups who pulled off drives for the event …. a MAJOR WOW.  You guys rock!  Thank you notes will be posted as they come in – but rest assured – your efforts are MOST appreciated!!!


Thanks for all those who are able to help out with this year’s holiday drive!  Below are business, organization and group donations that we want to thank – this list will continue to grow as the event progresses.  Additionally, special thanks to all those committee members who are working hard to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Chair:  Gretchen Guttman
  • Volunteers:  Story Picard & Karen Ridder
  • Gift Cards:  Pat Clark & Jean Purinton
  • Drop-offs/confirming donations:  Gretchen Guttman & Julia Fisher
  • Help gathering family needs:  Sandi Gorman, Mary Frances Szpila, Bonnie Motel
  • Recording Family Wish-lists:  Story Picard, Cammy Wagner
  • Group Donations:  Allyson Hotz & Jean Allen
  • Church Liaison:  Cammy Wagner
  • Volunteer food donations/church set up: Joni King

A huge shout-out to the many businesses, organizations, and groups who are lending a hand with our Holiday Drive this year.

  • All the TESD schools and PTO’s – assorted drives
  • AmerisourceBergen Financial Department– Gift Card drive
  • BES Teachers – family sponsors
  • Blue Sky and Deck 5 Bands – gift cards
  • Crecent Real Estate – family sponsors
  • 30 Main (Berwyn) – general donation
  • Mojo Fitness – general donation
  • Paoli Village Shoppes – Hats, gloves and cleaning supplies
  • ST. Norbert Church Giving Tree – gift cards
  • Chesterbrook Quarters – food drive
  • Plaid Pajamas Project – pjs for over 100 kids
  • Shady Grove Fertility – family sponsors
  • T/E Moms Group – family sponsors
  • Homecooked – family sponsors
  • Conestoga Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team – family sponsor & college baskets
  • T&E Sophomores Care – family sponsor
  • Cutomedialabs – College baskets
  • FC Europa ’07 Girls Elite – family sponsors
  • FC Europa 2004 girls – family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’07 Elite boys – family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’05 Boys Premier – family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’06 Girls Elite – family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’08 Boys Elite – family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’06 Premier Boys –  family sponsor
  • FC Europa ’09 Premier Girls – family sponsor
  • Shady Grove – family sponsors
  • Tarleton School – Toiletries baskets
  • Brownie Troop 41552 and Girl Scout troop 41050 – helping with holiday cards
  • Girl Scout Troop 456 – Bags of “Snowman Soup” – Hot Chocolate and fixings.
  • Girl Scout Troops 456, 0049, 4205, 41471, 4139, 4416, 41244, 4080, 4173, 41050, 4316, 4338, 4511, 41552 & 434 – Cookies for all families
  • Girl Scout Troop 41898 – Baskets
  • Paoli Methodist Church – family sponsor
  • PWC Endo Tisk Assurance – Gift Cards & family baskets
  • Glenhardie Book Club – Gift cards
  • McGivney Global Advisors – family sponsor
  • Four Counties Garden Club – Wreaths for families
  • Wegmans – gift card to use to purchase fresh food for food baskets
  • ACME – gift card
  • Jimmy Johns – lunch for volunteers
  • Papa Johns – lunch for volunteers
  • Bagel Factory – bagels for volunteers

FAVORITE MEMORIES from the 2017 Holiday Drive!

Holiday Drive 2016  – An Amazing Event Once Again

There are many many folks involved in making this huge event a success.  We thank you all – whether your support was big or small. There are pictures below that show the depth of this event.  Enjoy!!  A special shout out to the following folks or groups or businesses:
First and foremost – thanks to St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Devon for hosting this event.  It’s not easy for then to give up so much space for 5 days – but they do it with a smile and warm hearts.
The committee … a very special group for sure!  Everyone does her job with expertise and a willing smile! Thanks to  Gretchen Guttman (drivers and co-chair), Jean Allen (school group donations), Tarin Cataldo (donation responses), Pat Clark (gift cards), Julia Fisher (check-in), Allyson Hotz (community group donations), Jo Howarth (family RSVPs), Joni King (church set-up), Story Picard (volunteers), Melody Ticknor (food donations), and Cammy Wagner (church liasion and donor recorder).  A special thanks also to all the TESD school counselors, particularly Ellen Turk, for helping in the determination of our family lists.
Thanks to all the groups that are helping out with family donations – we couldn’t do it without you!
  • All the TESD schools and PTOs – assorted drives
  • The TESD teachers – gift card drive
  • BES teachers – family sponsors
  • Tarleton Preschool – cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • The 6th Grade Cadettes Troop #4511 – wrapping PJs
  • Chesterbrook Quarters – food drive
  • Girl Scout Service Unit 637, including 10 troops – baked 400 dozen cookies and assembled 420 bags of Snowman Soup
  • St. Monica’s Church – cleaning supplies
  • Mojo Fitness – general donation
  • 30 Main (Berwyn)  – general donation
  • Blue Sky and Deck 5 Bands – gift cards
  • Four Counties Garden Club – wreaths for families
  • Customedialabs – family sponsors
  • Plaid Pajama Project – pjs for over 100 kids
  • Shady Grove Fertility – family sponsors
  • Story Picard and friends – toiletries
  • Paoli Village Shopping Center – toiletries and school supplies
  • Grateful Giving Group – family sponsors
  • Novocure – family sponsors
  • Homecooked (Paoli) – family sponsors
  • Hayden Hoopla – gift cards
  • FC Europa girls 8/9 soccer team – family sponsors
  • 4R Systems – general donation and company match
  • FC Europa girls 2004 soccer team – family sponsors
  • FC Europa boys 2006 soccer team – family sponsors
  • FC Europa boys 07 Elite soccer team – family sponsors
  • Europa boys 05 Premier soccer team – family sponsors
  • FC Europa 2004 Boys Premier – family sponsors
  • FC Europa 2008 Boys Elite – family sponsors
  • Conestoga Varsity Girls Ice Hockey Team – family sponsors
  • Whole Foods – fresh produce for families
  • Crossfit Main Line – family sponsors
  • SAS Institute, Inc (Chesterbrook) – family sponsors
  • Acme (Paoli) – gift card used for bags for supplies
  • TEAO Office – family sponsors
  • Crescent Realty – family sponsors
  • Wegmans (KofP) – over 100 cookie tins
  • T&E Freshman Care – family sponsors
  • The Arnott family and friends – for decorating the holiday envelopes
  • The Weber family – for signing all the holiday cards
Thanks to the following businesses who are donating food for the volunteers on our sorting days:
  • Papa Johns Pizza (Berwyn)
  • The Bagel Factory (Berwyn)
  • Jimmy Johns (King of Prussia)

Holiday Drive 2015

There are many many individuals and groups that helped with this year’s Holiday Drive – and we thank you all!!!  SPECIAL thanks to those volunteers who helped coordinate the event:  Tarin Cataldo, Lisa Christy, Allyson Hotz, Jo Howarth, Cammy Wagner, Story Picard, Melody Ticknor, and Pat Clark.  Nancy Higgins was also a great church liaison.  SOOO many other individuals donated gift cards, cash, or gifts to the cause, and others helped with the sorting and wrapping, and/or the delivering.  WOW – it was amazing. And St. Johns – what a PERFECT host site.  We can’t imagine a better layout.  Below is a shout out to all groups and businesses who have lent a hand:
St. John’s Presbyterian Church (host site) Laughing
  • Papa Johns Pizza (Berwyn) – donated 3 pizzas for the volunteers who worked at the drive
  • The Bagel Factory (Berwyn) – donated 3 dozen bagels for the volunteers who worked at the drive
  • Girl Scout Troops #41078 and #41471 (helped decorate gift card envelopes)
  • Girl Scout Cadette Troop #4511 (signed all the holiday cards included with the gifts; wrapping donated PJs)
  • Girl Scout Troop #456 (baking cookies to hand out)
  • Chic & Simple for Her (Berwyn) – donated funds for the holiday drive
  • TEYSA U9 Ambush Travel Team (sponsoring a family)
  • Beaumont ES (collecting kitchen items and storage containers for baskets)
  • Beaumont ES staff (sponsoring a family)
  • Devon ES PTO (sponsoring 2 families)
  • MoJo Fitness (general donation drive)
  • Hillside ES (colleing gift cards and snack foods for baskets)
  • New Eagle ES (collecting books for holiday gifts)
  • Valley Forge ES (doing food drive)
  • TEMS (doing birthday and dessert bags)
  • TEMS Student Council (doing toiletry drive)
  • VFMS (collecting mitten, hats, socks, and blankets)
  • CHS (collecting food)
  • Chesterbrook Quarters (food drive)
  • Blue Sky Band/30 Main (gift card drive)
  • Crossfit in Christ Youth Group (sponsoring 3 families)
  • Caldwell Banker Preferred Realty/Wayne (collecting gift cards)
  • Four Counties Garden Club (making 40 wreaths)
  • Plaid Pajamas Project (getting PJs for a lot of the kids)
  • TESD central office (sponsoring a family)
  • Crescent Real Estate/Wayne (sponsoring 4 families)
  • Berwyn United Methodist Church (gift cards)

T&E Care Holiday Drive 2014

Thank you to All for supporting this year’s holiday drive.  Almost 100 families received support this year – all your neighbors!  Gifts, food baskets, and gift cards were delivered on or around December 12, and the responses have been overwhelming.  Go to the Words Of Care page to read comments sent by some.  You will know when reading these that your help really DOES make a difference!  Happy holidays to all!

Special Thanks to ……
There were many volunteers who lent a hand – from our collection hosts (Tarin Cataldo, Autumn O’Reilly, Linda Sticklin, and Melissa Acton), to our thank you note volunteers (Laurie Doan, Toni Linder, and Ellen Weaver), and all our sorters and transporters, and donors …. it was AWESOME!!!  But we have to do a special shout out to the chairs of this year’s Holiday Drive who were AMAZING!!!  The work got divided up and everyone did a wonderful job pulling her own weight!  Included in this list were:  Cammy Wagner, Tarin Cataldo, Pat Clark, Melody Ticknor, Allyson Hotz, Charu Gandhi, and Jo Howarth.  Special special special thanks to LISA CHRISTY for ALL her efforts over these past years in organizing this drive.  Lisa gave up her time and her home for a good chunk of each fall in an effort to help these local families.  What a treasure she has been to our organization.  This is Lisa’s last year running the drive – she was an amazing coordinator these past years!
We had many businesses and groups offer to help with our Holiday Drive!  Thanks so much to all partners in this effort!    The list of those groups is below.  It’s very impressive, to say the least!!
  • Tredyffrin-Easttown MS Student Council – they ran a toiletries drive
  • Tredyffrin-Easttown MS – collecting paper goods for the drive
  • Beaumont ES – is running a food and toiletries drive
  • Beaumont ES staff – are sponsoring 2 families
  • St. Monica Church – are helping with cleaning supplies and bedding requests
  • Devon PTO – is sponsoring a family
  • Hillside ES – is running a cleaning supplies drive
  • New Eagle ES – is running a book drive
  • Valley Forge ES – is running a food drive
  • First Baptist Church – is sponsoring a family
  • Valley Forge MS – is running a hats, gloves, socks and scarf drive
  • Chesterbrook Quarters – is running a food drive
  • Girl Scout Troop 456 – is making cookies (dozens and dozens of cookies!)
  • Daisy Troop 4131 – is putting together some food baskets
  • MoJo Fitness – is collecting donations
  • Carol Verhake – is hosting a gift card party
  • Blue Sky Band – is hosting a performance and collecting gift cards
  • 30 Main – is donating 10% of food (Dec. 5) to drive
  • Coldwell Banker Preferred/Sarah Forti – they are collecting gift cards and cookie tins
  • CrossFit in Christ Youth Group – they are collecting assorted gifts on our wish list
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals – they are sponsoring some families
  • T&E Kids Care (CHS club) – they are getting items for kids needing help
  • Whole Foods Market Devon  – they donated 300 reuseable bags for our drive and 200 pounds of fresh produce
  • Four Counties Garden Club – are decorating 30-40 wreaths for families
  • Tredyffrin-Easttown Administrative Offices – they are sponsoring a family
  • Pam Badolato is coordinating a PJ drive for a number of the kids in our program
  • The Saturday Club – provided food and other supplies

T&E Care Holiday Program 2013

Thanks A MILLION thanks to all those who helped out with this year’s successful holiday drive – and we are so very thankful for their assistance! The thank you notes are already coming from many of the 80+ families who were given this assistance, and we’ll post them to our website below.  We clearly can’t list every individual who played a part in this successful endeavor, but if you were involved – please know that every single bit of support is most appreciated!   Special recognition must be made to some key folks and groups:

Lisa Christy – our chair extraordinaire!  Lisa and her family were willing to let our drive overtake their home and their lives yet again this year.  It’s such a busy time of year but Lisa is fantastic at giving of herself to make this all happen!  Right in line with Lisa were Pat Clark and Melody Ticknor who helped with many of the drive details.  Allyson Hotz was fantastic as our “group” coordinator.   All those who allowed packages to be delivered to their homes deserve a shout out for sure:  the Christy’s (again!), the Actons, the Cataldo’s, the Kanes, the Sticklins, and the O’Reilly’s.   Special thanks also to Anne Ferola, Barbara McConnell, Julia Fisher, Nancy Higgins, Carol Tompkins, Sandi Gorman and Cynthia Borger,  for joining Pat, Melody, Allyson, and Lisa to prepare the donations for the big sorting day on the 12th.   And all the drivers who delivered packages – with over 80 families we needed a lot of elves to get the packages around.  In that group we thank Helene Liebowitz, Barb Bogle, Jeanette Alwine, Jennifer Arnott, Eileen Ryle, Rita Gosnear, Anne Ferola, Bernie Logan, Karen Ridder, Marisa Mignogna, Jean Kane, Janis Fratamico, Lisa McNichol, Carol Tompkins, Nancy Higgins, Barbara McConnell, Sandi Gorman, Cathy Lucas, Debbie Weger, and of course Melody, Pat, Allyson, and Lisa!  We can’t forget to thank Debbie Weger for tabulating the donation values as the drive continues.  And thanks in advance to Cammy Wagner who will be doing the thank you notes in early January.  A final last but not least thanks to Brody Shea – a CHS grad and current college student who donated hours of time to help haul items up and down stairs as packages came in and deliveries needed to be loaded into cars.  How wonderful to have strong muscles in this difficult part of the process!

And again – that list above doesn’t begin to include ALL of those who made donations or sponsored a family!  Below are the groups that got involved in the event!  These group efforts really help us get over the top in our attempts to make the drive special!  Many thanks to:

  • Four Counties Garden Club – they made centerpieces or wreaths for many local families
  • Shire – Chesterbrook (Legal Department) – they adopted a few families
  • TEMS Student Council – they ran a toiletry drive for the event
  • VFMS 6th Grade Girl Scout Cadette Troop 456 – they made dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies for our families
  • Chesterbrook Quarters – they’ll be did a food/toiletry collection
  • T&E Kids Care – they collected toys for the Winter Wonder program we partner with
  • Beaumont ES – they did a gift card and PJ drive
  • Hillside ES – they did a cleaning supply collection
  • New Eagle ES – they did a book collection
  • Valley Forge ES – they did a food drive for the event
  • Devon ES PTO – they did a bulk item drive for us
  • TEMS – they collected paper products for the event
  • VFMS – they collected mittens/hats/blankets and socks for the event
  • Johnson Matthey – they collected toys for the Winter Wonder Program
  • MoJo Fitness – they collected toiletries and gift cards for the event
  • Nackord Karate – they collected toiletries and gift cards for the event
  • CHS Field Hockey team – they baked cookies for the families
  • CHS Girls Lacrosse team – they made centerpieces for the families
  • TESD Administrative Office – they sponsored a family
  • Navigate Club at CHS – they got toys for the Winter Wonder program
  • Weichert, Realtors-Paoli – they got toys for the Winter Wonder program
  • Chic & Simple (Berwyn) – they donated lots of food for our program
  • VFES Daisy Troop #41078, St. Matthews UMC Sunday School Classes, and Grace Arnott and Sarah Carrol – they helped decorate the envelopes for the cards given to each family.
  • Crossfit in Christ – a youth group led by Mike and Erin Shine – the kids took care of many many gifts from the website list!
  • AmeriClic Language Services – sponsored some families for the drive.
  • Daisy Girl Scout Troop 4171 from Beaumont ES – they filled Christmas stockings for some of the kids.


Holiday Drive 2012

Happy holidays to all from T&E Care!  There is no way to adequately express our thanks to all those who helped make this event a success.  So many individuals, so many groups.  But we would be remiss not to highlight the 3 chairs of this special drive – Lisa Christy, Melody Ticknor, and Pat Clark.  This is their 3rd year together and they are amazing in the way they put it all together.  Many thanks to each individual who helped drive, transport from one location to another, donate items or gift cards, agreed to be a drop off location, wrap and/or sort, bake cookies, make wreaths, etc. etc. etc.  What a community effort – yet again!

We have listed below those groups who worked together on behalf of this drive.  Thanks to those who helped make the holidays extra special for local families:

  • VFMS families – gift cards
  • ST. John’s Presbyterian Church (high school youth group) – home made cookies
  • CHS girls lacrosse team – made centerpieces for many families
  • HES – collecting toiletry/cleaning items
  • Shire (legal department) – sponsoring two families
  • Four Counties Garden Club – making holiday wreaths for many families
  • 5th Grade VFMS Junior Girl Scout Troop – making tons of cookies for the families
  • T&E Kids Care Club at CHS – collecting toys
  • The Quarters holiday party – collecting food
  • Hayden Hoopla – neighborhood party – collecting gift cards
  • DES – sponsoring a family
  • BES – collecting hats, mittens, and other basic items for kids
  • NEES – collecting books for kids
  • VFES – collecting toys
  • TESD central office – collecting gift cards and supporting a family
  • Coldwell Banker Preferred – collecting basic supplies and food
  • Johnson Matthey – collecting toys
  • BES staff – sponsoring a family
  • TEMS Student Council/Jen Tyrelll – collecting toiletry items

What a great team effort!

2011 Holiday Drive Results – Another success

The Holiday Drive for 2011 is officially finished.  EVERY request for support was met through your generous donations.  NO T&E Care general funds will be needed again this year to support this program.  That leaves our treasury in good shape with the winter PECO bills to come!    63 families are getting assistance from T&E Care and over 125 toys for the Winter Wonder program!  That’s well over 300 local individuals that have been helped through your generosity!  We really appreciate all of your support!  Every individual toy, every box of cereal, every winter coat, it all adds up to making a huge difference for some families that have little to hope for these days.  We appreciate the many families that supported our drive with donations of gifts, food, cleaning supplies, gift cards, or just by making a donation.  Thanks to those who were drop-off locations (the Lords, the Fishers, the Sticklins, the Gormans, the Christys, the Casciatos), and to all those who helped sort, wrap and deliver.  And a huge cheer to Melody Ticknor, Pat Clark, and especially Lisa Christy for the many hours spent running the event in a way that makes it look so easy!  GREAT JOB to all!

Hats off also to the groups that worked on behalf of the drive:
Long and Foster Realtors (ran a food drive)
Coldwell Banker Preferred (did a food/cleaning supply/toiletry drive)
CHS Girls Lacrosse Team (collected toys)
T&E Kids Care Club (collected toys)
4 Counties Garden Club (provided holiday centerpieces for some local families)
VFES 4th grade classes adopted a family
TESD central office staff adopted a family
DES, BES, and HES PTOs each adopted a family
NEES did a book collection for the families
CHS National Honors Society (collected toys)
Hayden Hoopla – neighborhood party – collected gift cards for T&E Care
The Murphy neighborhood party – collected gift cards for T&E Care
The Quarters holiday party – collected food for T&E Care
CHS Boy’s Lacrosse team (ran a fund raiser for the holiday drive)
The Garden Shoppe LTD, Wayne (donated Christmas trees for a few local families)
CHS Ice Hockey Team (collected toys)
Paoli Wildcat U12 boys team (did a food/cleaning supplies drive)
VFES Junior Girl Scout Troop 456 (baked over 800 cookies and made up 60 bags of snowman soup mix)

A number of Wisteria Lane families (made over 20 tins of cookies)
A number of families from Fernfield Circle (collected gift cards)

SPECIAL THANKS TO THIS YEAR’S CHAIR, LISA CHRISTY, AND HER VERY IMPORTANT SUPPORTING CAST MEMBERS PAT CLARK AND MELODY TICKNOR!  And of course we have all the drivers, the sorters and wrappers, the drop off location hosts, and all the individual families who made donations…..We couldn’t have done it without everyone!

Holiday Drive 2010 – WOW!

The 2010 Holiday Drive officially ended on December 6 – and we are excited to say that all family requests were sponsored.  We thank everyone who offered to support our program – every single donation was important!!!

A huge shout-out to a few special groups who went above and beyond to lend a hand to the drive:

  • T&E Kids Care Club (at CHS) – Heather Ward, President – they collected over 50 items for teenagers to lend a hand to the Winter Wonders program at Paoli Presbyterian Church (supported by T&E Care).
  • Members of the CHS Girls Lacrosse team – Brooke McGillis and Taylor King captains – they also collected items for teenagers for the Winter Wonders program.
  • St. David’s Preschool classes – they also collected over 100 gifts for younger kids for the Winter Wonders program.
  • Girl Scout Troop 456 from VFES baked over THIRTY DOZEN cookies and put together bags of “snowman soup” – these were spread out and given in the food boxes to many of the families we supported.  (pictures of these great kids below)
  • The Bassetts and the Haydens each had neighborhood parties – and instead of hostess gifts they asked for assistance in supporting out holiday drive – gift cards, general donations, etc. etc. came from these two parties!
  • Long and Foster Realty (Devon) and Coldwell Banker Preferred (Wayne) each ran food drives and collected boxes of extra food for our drive – this was especially helpful for the “new” families that got added onto our list late.
  • The Quarters in Chesterbrook did a food drive for T&E Care at their annual holiday party.  More food for the extra baskets!
  • Claire Newhall – a 2nd grader at NEES recently asked for donation to T&E Care’s holiday drive instead of birthday gifts for herself!
  • Valley Forge ES PTO ran a food drive and a book drive for T&E Care (the food also went to REACT).  The 4th graders helped to wrap all the books.
  • New Eagle ES PTO sponsored one of the families for the holiday drive.
  • The Four Counties Garden Club made gorgeous table top decorations for many of the families in our program. What a special “extra” treat for everyone!

As you can see – in addition to the many many individuals and families that supported the drive – these groups really helped to make the event a huge success!  Many thanks to all those who also helped wrap, sort, deliver, etc. etc. for the drive.  (Photo of many of the wrappers below.)  A very special appreciation and congrats to Lisa Christy, Pat Clark and Melody Ticknor who did an outstanding job of putting it all together.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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