Do You Need Help With Daycare Costs?

If you are working and can’t afford the daycare, then you might be eligible for county assistance. Child Care Information Services (CCIS) is part of the COMPASS program that provides other types of aid, such as food stamps, CHIP, and welfare. For more details about how CCIS works go to the COMPASS website. Another link to this program can be found HERE.  Please note that there is often a waiting list for CCIS assistance, so apply ASAP and get your name on that waiting list.

Preschool Assistance for T/E residents

Do you live in the T/E School District and have a child that is ready for preschool but can’t find an affordable option? The local educational foundation, the Foundation for Learning In Tredyffrin/Easttown (FLITE) has scholarship money for preschool. Please let us know if you would need this assistance and we will connect you up with the appropriate people at FLITE. We recognize the importance of early education and are thrilled that FLITE is willing to help with some of these costs for families who might be financially challenged. Don’t pass up this great opportunity and do pass the word to your friends and neighbors!

Enrichment Help For Kindergarteners in the TESD

If your child is attending (or will be attending) kindergarten in one of the TESD elementary schools, and you need him/her to be at the school the full day because of your work commitments, the T/E School District has a contract with A Child’s Place (ACP) to offer a program called Kindergarten Enrichment, held right in the same school that your child attends. It is run both in the morning (for students in school in the afternoon) or in the afternoon (for students in school in the morning).

This is a very popular program and fills up fast, you must register as soon as you know that your child will need placement. ACP’s program does cost money and for those who might struggle covering the fees, a local education foundation (FLITE) might be able to help. FLITE may cover some or all of the tuition costs for the 1/2 day ACP program, depending on your circumstances. Parents should speak directly to ACP and mention that you believe you would qualify for FLITE funding and they should be able to confirm details with you.

You must apply for county childcare assistance (CCIS – Child Care Information Services), you will likely be put on a waiting list, the sooner you get the application started, the better. ACP folks should be able to help you with this application if needed. Contact A Child’s Place at 610-272-8085.

If your child also needs before and/or after school care above and beyond the Kindergarten Enrichment classes then see the section below for those details.

Before and/or After School Care for Elementary Students in T/E

If your child is in grades 1-4 at one of the TESD elementary schools and you need assistance with the cost of before or after school care we may be able to help. Please know that T&E Care can not pay regular before/after care bills for you but if you run into a difficult time for one or two months, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

It may be possible to receive a discount from A Child’s Place (ACP). First, make sure you apply for free/reduced lunch through your child’s elementary school. Second, ACP requires you to apply for county childcare assistance (CCIS – Child Care Information Services). You will likely be put on a waiting list, so the sooner you get that application started, the better. You should apply by going directly to the state’s COMPASS site. ACP folks should be able to help you with this application if needed. Contact A Child’s Place at 610-272-8085 for more details.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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