Getting Your College Textbooks

There are many ways to get your textbooks. You can buy them at the school’s bookstore, buy them at other bookstores, order them online, rent them from various stores or online sites, or get them used from a friend or  a bulletin board list on campus. Just be sure to get them. You can’t succeed if you don’t have the books.

Remember if you order them online there can be a delay of time in delivery. Additionally it can be harder to return books that you might not end up needing. But this can be a much cheaper option so it’s worth considering.

For rentals keep in mind that there are rules related to returning rentals especially if you order them online. For example when renting with* you will be told a “return by…” date when you take the book out. If you miss the return day you will be given a 15-day extension notice (for a fee of $5-15 depending on the cost of the book). If you miss it past the 15 days then you have to buy the book. There may be an extra fee in doing that. If you aren’t good with deadlines this is a tricky option. Don’t forget to ask if there are mailing charges to return the book, those charges have to be factored into your total cost when comparing options.
(*Please confirm if this is still Amazon’s policy.)

Below are SOME options for college textbook online rentals or purchases. This information changes regularly, so we apologize in advance if any information is not out of date. If you learn of a good resource we should add to the list, let us know at cap@tecare.orgT&E Care does not endorse any one site over the other.

Note: if you are taking a course in your major, it probably isn’t a good idea to rent the book. You may need it for reference later on.

NOTE: You will often need a credit card to rent a book. That’s how they charge you if you forget to return the book.

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