Background and purpose for raising the funds:
TD Bank is the main bank for T&E Care’s accounts, so we approached them to see if there were any grants or programs they could help us with.  It turns out that there is a great program that sounds too good to be true – but we’ve confirmed the details – it is true!!!!    We want to earmark the funds raised with this program for our educational programs.  We are supporting more and more kids with their education and college costs – as kids are identified who have some real potential to be successful. (The kids will have to apply to this fund and grades will be an important criteria in deciding how much assistance is given – we want to encourage these kids to work hard!!)  Doing the math – for just one student we might expect to help with a computer (approx. $600), text books for a year (approx. $800), and the balance due after FAFSA and other grants for tuition/room/board (approx. $4000 for the year).  It wouldn’t take very many kids to  apply for this to mean some significant funding requirements, but we feel that this is the best way to give these kids a shot at better employment opportunities.  We can keep paying a rent bill or a PECO bill here or there – but that doesn’t get the family independent of the need for assistance.  A college education might be the best ticket out!  So, besides just general donations to T&E Care, we wanted an additional source of funds.  That’s where TD Bank comes in….

Here are the basics to the TD program:
TD Bank has offered to make a donation to T&E Care through the bank’s Affinity Program.  This program lets its depositor customers help decide the size of the donation the bank will make to T&E Care.  If enough customers ask the Bank to donate to T&E Care, the bank will make an annual donation based on the types of checking accounts, and the average annual balance in all savings accounts of those customers. All of the customer’s information remains completely confidential and the customer receives all of the services and interest rates of any other bank customer.  This program does NOT effect any of the terms or conditions of the depositor’s accounts.

Owners of business checking, and individual checking, saving, money market retirement and CD accounts can all ask TD Bank to donate to T&E Care through the Bank’s Affinity Program. This program is good for new and existing accounts.    We are hoping that all current TD Bank customers are willing to make this call for us,  and of course would welcome any new accounts that are generated to help us as well.   The purchase of a CD, or opening a money market account would be great.

We will really need your help publicizing it to neighbors, business partners, friends out of the area, etc. You can ask your dentist, your cleaners, the guy who mows your lawn, etc. etc. They don’t need to be local either!   Especially if they are already a TD Bank account holder – this is a very painless way to support our organization.    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to talk more about this program.

TD Bank Affinity Program 2013/2014 – FAQ 

Will any of my funds be withdrawn by TD Bank for use by T&E Care?  Absolutely not.  The grant that T&E Care receives is TD Bank money, not YOUR money.

Do I lose control of my accounts if I become involved in this program?  Not at all!  Your money and your accounts are always totally under your control.  NOTHING will be different.

Is this program available for businesses or just individuals?    Anyone (individual, family,  trust, or business) with an account at TD Bank can ask the bank to make a donation to T&E Care through this program.  (Note, starting in November 2013, only business checking accounts are eligible.)

What types of accounts qualify for this program?  Personal checking, savings, money market, CD and retirement accounts are all included in the program.  Business checking accounts qualify.  If you have multiple accounts at TD Bank – all will count for the program. (Mortgages and home equity loans do not count for this program. HOWEVER, if you are part of our Affinity Program – you might qualify for special incentives related to your mortgage!!!  Check with the bank for details.)

Will T&E Care know who has asked the bank to make this donation?   TD Bank will NOT release to us the names of anyone who has made this request.  If you want to tell us –  then we’d know – but that would be the only way.  Your information is kept totally confidential by the bank – we promise!! (Once a month TD Bank will send us 2 pieces of information so we can budget accordingly – the TOTAL number of accounts that have signed up, and the TOTAL amount of the all the deposits.  That’s it – we get no specific info related to who has signed up.)

Do I need to “renew” my  request to TD Bank on a periodic basis?  No, once you have called them, then you don’t need to do it again.

How much does T&E Care receive in grant money from TD Bank?   This will change starting in November 2013.  In the past T&E Care received a % of the average daily balance of all accounts.  Now we will receive:

  • $50 for each NEW checking account (it must be maintained for at least 3 months) and $10 for each existing account.  The total number of participating checking accounts must be maintained or grown each year for contribution elgibility.
  • 1/10 of 1% of the average daily balance of all savings, money market,  CDs and retirement accounts.  Participating balances must be maintained or grown each year for contribution eligibilty.

T&E Care will receive one check at the end of our “year” for the total of the grant.

What if I open an account at TD Bank, ask the bank to make the donation, but then I close my account?    For savings accounts, your average daily balance during the time you had the account will be counted toward our eligibility requirements.  For checking accounts you must maintain the account for at least 3 months to still get the $10 or $50 donations.  Clearly the longer you have funds in TD Bank (and you have asked them to make the donation to our program) the more money we will receive, but even short term accounts are helpful.

Do you have to live in Tredyffrin or Easttown to ask the bank to make the donation to T&E Care?  NO!!  As long as you have any TD Bank account you can make the request.  So please encourage your relatives, friends, and business partners in other parts of PA, as well as in the other states in which TD Bank is located to call 610-254-9150  and ask the bank to support T&E Care.   (Branches are found in:  VA, CT, DE, FL, MD, MA, ME, NY, NH, NJ, VT, and Washington DC.)

How do I contact TD Bank to give them my information for this program?  Call TD Bank at 610-254-9150  and ask for Jeff Salvo.  Jeff, or any associate at the Devon Branch, can help you.    You can also send an email to Jeff at

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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