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Another great success!

Thanks to everyone who agreed to support this year’s School Supply Drive!  We are very excited to have received boxes and boxes of supplies as well as piles of gift cards. Sorting day on July 28, 2021, went very smoothly!  Thanks to Conestoga HS for sharing their space with us, and to all those volunteers who came to help with this important activity.  The kids will all be so appreciative of this support!

Thanks to our volunteers and donors!

Many thanks to the rock star School Supply Drive committee that has been hard at work organizing this important event.

Jen Bracco
Jean Allen
Paula Cardenas
Pam Goggin
Mary Frances Szpila
Jean Purinton
Kate Peyton
Kim Jamme

Huge thanks also to those businesses and organizations that lent a hand with this event:

  • FLITE – backpacks
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church – gift cards
  • TE Moms – gift cards
  • Philadelphia Foundation – support for supplies or gift cards
  • The Goddard School – Wayne, gift cards
  • St. Matthews United Methodist Church – gift cards
  • Wegmans, Malvern – gift cards

School Supply Drive 2020 – THANKS!!!

This year, due to Covid-19, our 2020 School Supply Drive looked quite different than in past years. We appreciated your patience with these adjustments while we attempted to keep everyone safe. Thanks to our amazing donors, we collected gift cards and donations (which were then used to purchase more gift cards) so we could offer each student in the program $100 in Staples, Walmart, or Target cards.  These could then be used by the families to purchase whatever supplies are needed, along with some basic clothes or other necessities for the kids.  With around 200 students, this is no small project!

We are very grateful for the support of the community, as well as FLITE (which funded our purchase of the backpacks for any students making such requests), the TE Moms Group,  and Wegmans (which donated $250 in gift cards).  
THANKS to the wonderful committee that is pulling together all the details of this event:  Jen Bracco, Paula Cardenas, Sarah Culbert, Rita Gosnear, Jean Purinton, Jennifer Roessler, Eileen Ryle, Mary Frances Szpila, and Jessica Weinberg.
 While the drive is over, late donations can always be accepted.  If you are interested in donating to the drive, you can either use our Venmo or PayPal link below, or make checks payable to T&E Care. You can mail checks to T&E Care, attn: School Supply Drive, PO Box 2111, Southeastern, PA 19399.  

If you have any questions about this year’s drive, please contact us at



Many many thanks to those who lent a hand with this year’s event – whether it was by sponsoring a student, driving supplies from a drop off location to the sorting location, sorting supplies, donating food for the volunteers, getting gift cards, etc etc etc.  SPECIAL THANKS to the wonderful committee that pulled together all the details of this event:  Eileen Ryle, Mary Frances Szpila, Jen Bracco, Paula Cardenas, Rita Gosnear, Laura Pratt, and Jean Purinton.  You are our fearless leaders for sure.  A shout out to the groups, organizations, and businesses who lent a hand to help with this year’s drive:

  • Play It Again Sports and the Tredyffrin Library – our two drop off locations
  • The Foundation for Learning in T/E (FLITE) – for providing a grant to cover the good quality back packs needed for this year’s drive.
  • Chester County Community Foundation/REMAX Main Line Charitable Charitable Foundation – gift card support
  • USLI Care 2 Fund – gift card support
  • Beaumont Elementary school – $250 cash for gift cards
  • Wegmans Malvern – $250 gift cards
  • Conestoga High School  – for once again hosting our sorting day in July
  • The TESD counselors – for helping to determine who should receive the supplies
  • The TESD custodial staff – for delivering the supplies to the various schools
  • The district secretaries and other staff who help us distribute the supplies this August.

It’s a true team effort!  And what a team!

SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE 2019 PHOTOS  Looks like fun!


School Supply Drive 2018 – Thanks to all!

Once again our community has stepped up and helped out some local kids so when September comes the kids will be ready for school! Many many thanks to all who sent in donations – big or small they all add up!  Many thanks also to everyone who donated time to help transfer the supplies to the school, sort the supplies, count the gift cards, communicate with the families to line up who needs what, coordinate with our drop-off locations, etc.  It’s another team effort for sure!  See below for some fun pictures from sorting day, 2018.  Any last minute questions – send a note to us at

We recognize that ALL donations of supplies, gift cards, cash, and time are important, but we want to send a special shout out to the following groups or businesses who lend an extra hand to the event:

RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation – for a donation of gift cards
Wegmans (Malvern) – for a donation of funds to help with purchases
Paoli Village Shoppes – for sponsoring items from our list
The CARE2 Fund at USLI – for a donation of funds to help with purchases
FLITE – for a wonderful grant to help cover the cost of the new back packs we hand out
Play It Again Sports – for being a drop-off location
The Tredyffrin Library – for being a drop-off location
Conestoga High School – for hosting “sorting day”
TESD custodians – for transferring all the supplies to the various schools for distribution

AND a HUGE thanks to the amazing School Supply Drive 2018 Committee:

Eileen Ryle …. Rita Gosnear …. Mary Francis Szpila …. Jean Purinton …. Gretchen Guttman …. Bonnie Motel …. Jen Bracco
Laura Pratt …. Paula Cardenas …. Julia Fisher ….Nancy Higgins

We couldn’t have done it without all of you!




The 2017 School Supply Drive is over

What a great event again this year!  Over 200 students received support from this amazing community!  Every student was supported with supplies, and each child was able to receive an average of $50 in gift cards to help with other expenses to start the year.  We are humbled to see the support of so many in helping these local kids!  THANKS!!!

We appreciate the many folks who donated supplies, gift cards, or cash to the drive. But there were many who also donated TIME!  Some drove supplies from the drop off locations to a committee member’s house.  Some sorted supplies at Conestoga.  Some went shopping for missing items.  Some gathered food for the volunteers on sorting day.  The list goes on and on.  We thank you ALL!  Very special thanks to the committee who put this all together:

Rita Gosnear – Eileen Ryle – Bonnie Motel – Mary Francis Szpila – Sarah Culbert – Gretchen Guttman – Jean Purinton – Julia Fisher – Laura Pratt

If you need a tax donation form, you can download it here

Thanks For Your Support!

Thanks to all those organizations and businesses who support the T&E Care School Supply Drive.  We couldn’t do it without this extra assistance!
  • Wegmans (Malvern) for donating $250 in gift cards for us to hand out to families.
  • The RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation for once again making a donation of $1000 to purchase gift cards for the drive.
  • The Devon Elementary Girls on the Run for collecting supplies and gift cards.
  • The FLITE grant for helping to supply backpacks and other supplies for the drive.
  • TE Connectivity for working with FLITE to supply backpacks and supplies for the drive.
  • Johnson Matthey for supporting the drive with a cash donation and supplies.
  • Care2Fund (USLI) for supporting the drive with a $500 cash donation.
  • TE Moms Club for supporting the drive with supplies.
  • Staples (Gateway) for a few gift cards for the drive.
  • Vertex for donating a bunch of pens.
  • Conestoga High School, district counselors, custodians and secretaries – for lending assistance in the preparation phase, the sorting phase, and the distribution phase of this special program.

School Supply Drive 2016 – The Amazing Results

The 2016 School Supply Drive is history. With a record number of students (over 240) from local families requesting our help getting school supplies, we admit to being a little worried.  Would we finally meet our match?  We should have known that once again this community would come through!!   We want to thank many people in this effort – that partial list is below.  Also below are some fun pix taken on sorting day – you can see that we had an army of volunteers but that meant that we finished quickly!  Once again – thanks to all those who helped make this event possible!

Thanks to the fantastic committee organizing the event!
Rita Gosnear – Eileen Ryle – Bonnie Motel – Mary Francis Szpila – Sarah Culbert  – Barbara McConnell –  Jean Purinton
Tons of other thanks!
  • Thanks to all those who came to sorting day, including lots of wonderful TESD students!  There were over 100 people helping with this amazing event!
  • Thanks to Nancy/Tom Higgins, Rita/Tim Gosnear, Play It Again Sports (Berwyn), and the Tredyffrin Library (Wayne) for being such fantastic drop off locations.
  • Thanks to Conestoga High School for once again allowing us to take over the school on sorting day!
  • Thanks to ALL in the community who helped with donations of supplies, gift cards and cash.
Thanks to those special groups and organizations who donated to the event!
  • Wegmans, King of Prussia – donated gift cards
  • Wegmans, Frazer – donated gift cards
  • USLI Care2 Fund – donated cash for supplies
  • RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation – donated cash (used to get gift cards)
  • Johnson Matthey – donated cash (used to get gift cards) and supplies
  • Berwyn United Methodist Church Preschool (BUMS) – donated supplies and gift cards

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2015  – The Results

The 2015 School Supply Drive has been a great success!  Over 200 local students received help this year!
Our collection dates this year were Monday, July 13, through Sunday, July 26.  Every child had a sponsor in the end, and we received LOTS of last minute gift card donations.   With all the volunteers we had we were able to get all the bags set up on July 30 in record time.
Thanks to all those who made donations and/or helped with the process.  What a fantastic community – yet again!
Special thanks to the committee who put all this together – Eileen Ryle, Rita Gosnear, Amy Ard, Charu Ghandi, and Barbara McConnell were the main force behind the event.  Julia Fisher was a great “behind the scenes” help as well.  These kids are deeply indebted to you for the time you gave to this effort.

We really do thank EVERYONE who helps make this drive such a success!  Special thanks to all those who made donations of supplies, of gift cards, and/or of cash so extra items could be purchased.  Thanks also to all those who came out to help with the sorting, to those who helped with the collections, and to all those who helped with last minute shopping.  It’s a true team effort.  Special groups involved include:

  • FLITE – The Foundation for Learning in T/E – FLITE approved a grant to cover the cost of many of the backpacks and flash drives needed for this year’s drive.
  • Johnson Matthey -for their continued support and donations.
  • RE/MAX Mainline Charitable Foundation – for generous donation of gift cards.
  • USLI’s Care2 Fund – for a generous donation to the drive.
  • Wegman’s KOP – for gift cards.
  • Wegman’s Malvern – for a generous donation to the drive.
  • Doctor’s Best, Berwyn – for a generous donation to the drive.
  • Mom’s Club of TE – for their wonderful student sponsorship.
  • 30 Main – for their continued support.
  • Panera Bread, Wayne – for supplying treats for the volunteers on sorting day
  • Tredyffrin Public Library  – collection location
  • Play It Again Sports – collection location
  • Long & Foster Real Estate Office – Devon – collection location
  • Conestoga High School – for letting us use the facilities for sorting day, and to the custodians who drive the bags to the various schools for distribution.

At the conclusion of the drive, one donor said, “I’m happy to contribute every year to this very worthy cause.  I can just picture the smile on the kids’ faces when they’re given their new supplies and it’s great knowing I made a difference!”  This says it all!

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2014  – The Results

Another successful School Supply Drive is now behind us!  The backpacks are all loaded and will be distributed in August to the families in our community needing this support.  Over 210 children will be receiving this assistance – close to 30 more than last year.  It’s clear that the economic hard times are not yet over!  Once again we can’t give enough thanks to the community for their incredible support throughout the drive.

Over $8000 in gift cards were received, and enough cash donations were submitted that we were able to buy the extra items needed for some of the additional students to our lists.  It was an extremely successful drive.  We have already received one email from a mom saying, Thank you all so much this is a God sent and such a weight off my shoulder. I thank you all and I thank God for all who supported this ministry. THANK YOU.  Once again – we can only say thank YOU, but please know that we mean so much more!

Besides the community members and businesses that helped with donations, we extend special recognition to the chairs and key contributors to the event.   Julia Fisher, Eileen Ryle, Rita Gosnear, Charu Ghandi, Barbara McConnell, and Amy Ard worked VERY hard to make this event seem so seemless to the outsiders!

The T/E School District really helped a ton in this drive as well!  Special thanks also to the Conestoga High School administration for offering the cafeteria to us on sorting day, to the custodians who helped transfer the finished bags to the various schools, to the counselors who helped us develop our lists of who needed the help, and to the secretaries who help pass out the bags to the families.

Below is the list of those groups or businesses that also made special contributions to our event.  Also below are pictures from the event.  You can see that this is truly a team effort

FLITE – The Foundation for Learning in T/E – FLITE approved a grant to cover the cost of many of the backpacks and flash drives needed for this year’s drive
Shire Pharmaceuticals -for donating lots of binders.
USLI Care 2 Fund – for their generous donation.
Johnson Matthey -for their continued support and donations.
Tredyffrin Library and Play It Again Sports (Berwyn) – for being drop off locations – they were great partners in this effort.
Mom’s Club of T/E – for a new partnership in donations
Panera Bread – for donating bagels and goodies for the sorters on the big sorting day
Plato’s Closet – for offering shirts to some of the older boys receiving supplies
The Center on Central – for sponsoring a student
RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation – for their continued support of gift cards for our drive
Wegmans King of Prussia – for their continued support of gift cards for our drive
McAndrews Law Firm – for making a donation to the drive
Polek Schwartz Architects – for making a donation to the drive
Girl Scout Troop #4425 – for donating supplies to the drive

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2013  – The Results

Below are pictures from the 2013 School Supply Drive.  It was a huge success with LOTS of volunteers!

Extra special thanks to those folks who organized and had major roles in the drive:  Julia Fisher, Eileen Ryle, Barbara McConnell, Rita Gosnear and Amy Ard.  These are the 5 most organized ladies in America!  What a team!

Special recognition also to Panera Bread for donating delicious bagels and coffee for the volunteers, to Johnson Matthey for their continued support of our drive with a ton of gift cards, supplies, and general donations, and to Re/Max Main Line Charitable Foundations for their generous gift card donations.  A grant from the Foundation for Learning in Tredyffrin/Easttown (FLITE) helped us purchase good qualify backpacks for the older kids.  And extra inventory supplies were provided by Stuart Clark (cases of binders) and Dave Hyett’s 4th grade class at DES were much appreciated!

Our sincere appreciation also to Conestoga High School for once again opening their cafeteria to our volunteers for sorting, and to the custodians who will help move the items around to the various schools.  And of course – we can’t give enough thanks to all those adults and students who came to CHS on August 1 to help sort – what a big group.  The sorting took only about 3 hours!

But most important of all were all those who made donations.  Supplies, gift cards, and general donations – they just kept coming.  It’s a great community effort. Please know that each family receiving these supplies is MOST appreciative.

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2012  – The Results

Even though the drive was shortened by a full week, and we had 20+ more students than last year (over 190!)  – we still met our goal!  All students were sponsored and bulk items offered.  We received many gift cards and general donations as well, to help give families some extra support. THANKS TO ALL!!!!!!!

 A quick summary of the drive can be found at Main Line Suburban Life’s website:
Special thanks for the School Supply Drive
We want to acknowledge those special community businesses, individuals, or organizations that have gone above and beyond in making the drive a big success.  Included in this group are:
  • Hats off to all those who helped this year by being a drop-off location, by transporting items around the community, or by making donations to the drive.  Thanks to the staff at Conestoga for hosting our sorting day again this year, to the district custodians who transport the bags to the various schools for parent pick-up, and to the school secretaries and counselors who help with the distribution of the bags.  And VERY special thanks to the 2012 chairs of our School Supply Drive – Julia Fisher, Eileen Ryle, Barbara McConnell and Amy Ard.   The drive was a huge success in large part of their behind-the-scenes efforts and incredible organizational skills.
  • Johnson Matthey (Wayne) – These special neighbors have stepped up again and offered to sponsor 20 local students, plus they are also donating 20 back packs.  This is at least the 3rd year that the folks from Johnson Matthey have lent a big hand and we can’t thank them enough!
  • CSL Behring (King of Prussia) – They have donated many many many bottles of hand sanitizer that we will be able to give all students to help them avoid the flu this winter!  What a great idea!
  • Stryker Orthobiologistics (Malvern) – They offered 5 large boxes of 1 1/2″ binders that we can use for students for the school supply drive.  We haven’t done a final count – but there are close to 200 binders!  What a great donation!
  • RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation has helped out again (another multiple year supporter!) with our school supply drive.  They are giving us $500 worth of $25 gift cards that we can distribute to some of the families in our attempt to give them extra funds for those back-to-school clothes or other needs.  Many many thanks for this great offer!
  • Matt Holtzer is a CHS student who organized a dance fund raiser for the T&E Care School Supply Drive.  The dance was held July 7 at the Tredyffrin Library, and featured 4 different DJs over the course of the evening.  Almost 100 students attended this event (Paint the Night Neon) and had a great time, and in the process almost $900 was raised for T&E Care. Many thanks to Matt for coordinating this incredible event, and to the staff at the Tredyffrin Library for offering their facility and their time for this event.  Special recognition to Laurie Doan for helping Matt coordinate the evening.  The funds will be used to get additional gift cards or to finish off any unsponsored requests.  (see pictures above)
  • Once again the Wegmans in Frazer and the Wegmans in King of Prussia both donated gift cards to our School Supply Drive!  Special acknowledgement to Wegmans for their continued support of families in our community!
  • Panera Bread is donating some bagels and coffee to those helping to sort all the supplies on Aug 2.  What a great way to keep the volunteers motivated!
  • The Amana Foundation is helping us again!  They have offered to get a bunch of the $15 gift cards that we are giving to each family.  This is a student run group – and they have been great supporters of our organization in the past.  Thanks again!

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2011  – The Results

Aug 3, 2011 – We have finished sorting all the donations, the bags are loaded with supplies and gift cards, and we’re starting to get them handed out to the local kids.  We can promise you that these supplies are VERY MUCH appreciated by those receiving them.  What a huge help it is to know that the kids can start the year off with all the needed supplies, and in many cases, a new shirt or pair of jeans as well.  Good attitudes are the start of successful school days.

Special thanks to the following who made the drive such a success:

  • All those who sponsored kids or made bulk donations.
  • All those who sent in gift cards.
  • All those who made cash/paypal donations to help us supplement our donations when needed.
  • All those who agreed to be drop-off locations:  Play it Again Sports, The Thomsons, The Roses, The DeChairios, the Cruikshanks, the Kalbachs, the Seltzers, and the Gormans.
  • All those who helped on sorting day:  Lynne Andia, Lisa Rose, Barbara Coymns, Jean Purinton, Carol Titzel, Elizabeth Robinson, Theresa Augustine, Jennifer Maher, Betsy Friend, Nancy Caldwell, Carol Thompkins, and lots of district and CHS students (it’s GREAT to have the kids helping out like this!)
  • To Conestoga High School for allowing us to sort there and to store the items there; and to the custodians who helped transport the bags from CHS to the various schools in preparation for parent pick-up.

Extra special thanks to:

  • Barbara McConnell – for once again organizing the CHS students
  • Amy Ard – for once again tabulating the gift cards
  • Debbie Weger – for once again keeping track of the cash donations
  • Eileen Ryle – for once again tabulating the sponsorships and bulk offers

And last but not least – to Juila Fisher for once again running such an efficient and what looked like flawless drive.  The efforts she put into this event behind the scenes make it easy for everyone else!  Thank you Julia from the entire T&E Care community!

The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2010  – The Results

This year’s drive is over and once again the community response has exceeded all expectations.  The sorting is done, and deliveries and pick-ups will follow shortly.   There will be many very happy local kids opening their bags in the weeks to come – ooohing and aaahing over a new box of crayons or a shiny new binder.  Gift cards for many will help with some of those new school clothing needs, or food for their early lunch boxes.  91 families (164 kids) received your support – incredible!  Thanks to ALL those who donated, who were drop off points, who helped to sort, and who organized the event.  Special thanks to Julia Fisher, Eileen Ryle, and Amy Ard – they really got it together!

And special thanks to those local businesses and organizations that made donations or gave significant help to the drive: Johnson Matthey, Wegmans, Trinity Presbyterian Church, RE/MAX Main Line Charitable Foundation, St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church, Play It Again Sports, and Vertex.



The T&E Care School Supply Drive 2009 – The Results

We are done sorting through all the donations, dividing things up in the appropriate bags, and delivering the bags to the schools.  We say this often and it sounds so commonplace – but this really is one fantastic place to live.  The generosity of this community is beyond incredible.  We easily had the donations to fill (in many cases over-fill!) the required 110 bookbags, plus we did one extra bag for each school – just to have ready to go.  We have told the schools that we have enough extra supplies to make a few more bags when the calls come in (and we expect to get them).  Because of your generosity – we had over $1800 in gift cards so we were also able to include a card for clothing in many of the bags.  These kids should have a great start to the school year … the rest is up to them!

We can’t begin to thank everyone publicly who helped with this drive – the list would be too long.  But to mention a few…..

  •  Thanks to all those who donated – whether it was sponsoring a student, buying some pencils, or sending in a check or gift card – it all helped and we obviously couldn’t have done it without you!!!!
  • We want to give a special shout-out to Johnson Matthey – which as a local company agreed to sponsor 11 students for this drive.  They ended up taking in enough donations to fill 27 bags, plus donated $80+ for the general cause.  Thanks to the folks at Johnson Matthey for really stepping up and helping out big time! 
  • Special thanks to those people who agreed to be drop-off points.   Having so many options for dropping off supplies makes it so much more convenient for people to donate.
  • Thanks to those who called families to confirm needs and to those who gave up part (or all!) of their day on Aug 5 to sort supplies (including a dozen high school students!).
  • Thanks to the administration at Conestoga for letting us sort the supplies at the school – we filled the cafeteria with tables and tables of supplies – and made ourselves at home for the day.  The custodial support was terrific (those boxes were heavy!) and everyone was wonderful to work with.
  • And last but not least, special thanks to Margie Winters and Julia Fisher for their expertise in running this drive, and to Barbara McConnell for sharing past knowledge when it counted the most!  You guys were terrific!

This was truly a team effort in the truest sense of the word!

* * * * * * *

We have received numerous thank you calls and notes for the help given through the school supply drive.  We just wanted to share one that was recently sent by one of the kids getting the supplies.  Hopefully you’ll understand the impact of your donations!

 Dear T&E Care:
Thank you for the school supplies that you gave us.  Our mom was so happy when we went to pick up the things at the school.  We now realize how blessed we are to have people like you in our lives.  Some kids never even receive half the stuff you gave us.  We are so ready to go to school now because of your generosity.  My little sisters were so excited when they saw that their backpacks were in their favorite colors and almost screamed in excitement when they opened them and saw all the supplies in them. I was amazed at all the items I received.  There were so many supplies they had to put them in a box!  Thank you again for all the things you’ve done for our family!


The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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