The T&E Care Board of Directors are involved in all aspects of the organization, including approving all assistance to local families, overseeing all events, programs, and drives, communicating information through email and our website, representing the organization in the Ministerium, completing the year end reports and financial statements.

Sandi Gorman*, President of T&E Care

Board of Directors
Jump Dautrich, Chair
Julia Fisher, Secretary
Debbie Weger, Treasurer

Charu Gandhi
Kirk Gorman
Nancy Higgins
Evans Pancoast
Laura Pratt
Eileen Ryle
The Auxiliary Board is comprised of local individuals who help the organization carry out its mission by chairing or volunteering for  various events, programs, or drives, writing grants, mentoring families, providing financial advice to families, delivering “stuff” donations, and many other ways.  We could not accomplish all we do without the support of our Auxiliary Board and other volunteers.
The Auxiliary Board
Melissa Acton
Jean Allen
Jeanette Alwine
Jen Arnott
Cathy Arpa
Theresa Augustine
Kristin Becket
Nancy Bevan
Kate Bishopp
Barb Bogle
Bruce Broser
Lisa Buraks
Tarin Cataldo
Pat Clark
Marie-Pierre Crowe
Karen Cruickshank
Lisa Davis
Jeanne Dechiario
Gina DeFlavia
Cathy Duffy
Peter Egolf
Anne Ferola*
Bruce Gibbard
Cindy Gilroy
Rita Gosnear
Gretchen Guttman
Heather Heck
Allyson Hotz
Amanda Ivory
Mary Kiely
Seth Landau*
Danyll Lockett
Bernie Logan
Barbara McConnell*
Marisa Mignogna
Jodi Monster
Bonnie Motel
Lisa Nevins
Autumn O’Reilly
Story Picard
Jean Purinton
Carol Reagan
Karen Ridder
Mary Ann Robinson
Mary Saylor
Bill Schew
Cynthia Schumacker
Stacy Stone
Susan Stuber
Mary Frances Szpila
Carol Tompkins
Nan Turanski*
Jennifer Vastardis
Cammy Wagner
Hal Ward
Denny Willson*
Jim Wright

*These members can substitute as voting board members if needed. A vote is required for any expenditure of T&E Care funds.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.

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T&E Care is an IRS recognized non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.   The official registration and financial information of Tredyffrin & Easttown Care may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.


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