We are now accepting applications for camps that have confirmed they are holding their sessions.  We know, for example, that the Y is holding some of its camps.  Some camps are also coming up with online options.  If you can find something that works, then go ahead and get in your application.  Thanks for your patience in holding off while this situation got all sorted out!

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to start to think about summer camp! Again this year T&E Care will help support students interested in attending a summer camp if the family is struggling to afford the cost.  See below for the specific details on how our program works, the application needed to request assistance, and the suggested list of possible camps to consider.  Applications (below) MUST be completed to be considered for assistance.  Questions can be sent to us at

Summer Camp Assistance 2020
for Tredyffrin & Easttown Residents

  • If you are interested in our scholarship assistance:
    1. You and your children must be T/E residents (anyone in a surrounding community is reviewed on a case by case basis.)
    2. You must commit to REGULAR attendance by your child(ren) at the camp.
    3. You must be willing to demonstrate financial need, if requested.
  • Amount of assistance:  T&E Care is able to offer up to $300 per child toward a camp experience as long as we have funds still available in our budget.
  • To get this assistance follow these 4 (maybe 5) simple steps:
    1. Find a camp: YOU need to find a camp your child would like. The list of camps on this website is just for suggestions. If you know of other camps your child(ren) might want to attend go ahead and check them out.
    2. Confirm Fees/Space in Camp: Find out if the camp offers its own scholarship/reduced fee options.  If you know what camp your child would like to attend, check with the camp ASAP and apply for their scholarship program. Many camps offer reduced fees for early enrollment. Please pay attention to those deadlines; it’s hard for us to justifying paying the higher fee because a deadline was missed. Make sure there is space for your child in the camp. NOTE: If you plan to send your child to a camp at the YMCA – you MUST apply for financial aid support before you come to T&E Care for additional assistance. 
    3. Contact Us to Confirm Assistance: Complete the on-line form below.
    4. Register Your Child for the Camp: Once we confirm our assistance, we will pay for all/part of the camp but you still need to register your child(ren) for the camp.
    5. IF NEEDED:  Request Transportation: Please let us know if you are in need of this assistance. The on-line form below must be completed for transportation assistance if this is confirmed.  (Sorry, no transportation being offered in 2020 due to the virus.)

Other notes to remember

  • The township camps and vacation bible school programs are great deals – your child can often attend many weeks for one low price (or free).  Also keep an eye out for library programs that are often free.
  • The YMCA in Berwyn has a great discount program to help reduce the costs of their camps.  The YMCA also has the broadest list of camps in the area, as well as extended day options. Be sure to get a Financial Aid application (available at the Y service desk) and send it to the Y ASAP to start that process if your child(ren) is interested in attending a YMCA camp.
  • The local education foundation (FLITE) offers some financial assistance for middle/high school students for many academic-based camps. If this is the type of camp your child is interested in, contact your child’s guidance counselor and he/she can connect you with a FLITE representative.
Once you submit the online application below someone from T&E Care will get in touch with you to coordinate the process.  Remember that many camps do fill up early and our funds are limited.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

TEC Summer Camp Application 2020 Camp Assistance Application

Once you have contacted the camp of your choice and confirmed space and cost/scholarship, we need information in order to consider offering assistance. You must either fill out the on-line form below, or just send an email (with ALL the information) directly to us at The on-line form is preferred by us when possible.  In all cases, please complete one form PER child. If submitting forms for multiple children, you do NOT need to retype your address, phone, and email, put SAME  in the required box.

Note: If you don’t hear back from a T&E Care representative within a few days please contact us at The on-line forms often don’t come through well from a phone so please try to use a computer when you can.

Transportation Assistance Application

Sorry – no transportation assistance offered in 2020 due to the virus.

If you do need transportation assistance, once you have confirmed your camp and we have made the payment, we can try to help set up transportation assistance with our volunteer drivers. We will only offer transportation if the camp is local, and the most we can help is 2 weeks per child. This application MUST be submitted before we can arrange the transportation. At least two weeks advance notice is required to be able to arrange transportation. Questions should be sent to In all cases, please complete one form PER child.

Click HERE to access the transportation application.



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