VERY helpful tips for the job hunt

1 – How to search for, apply to and interview for a job.

2 – How to keep, grow and stay happy at a job.


If you need help with any job-related topics, let us know.

Local Job Opportunities 

if we learn about possible office job openings we will post them here. You are free to follow up with them as you desire. If you get a job through these tips let us know so we can celebrate along with you!

  • PA Career Link is a great place to get workshop assistance for a job, ideas about local job options, etc.  The Chester County link can be found here.
  • The T/E School District is often looking for employees in food service, custodial support, classroom aides, etc.  Check out their list of openings.  Some are PT which would be a good way to get some extra cash.  Be sure to hit “refresh” to always get an updated list.  If you are interested in being a bus driver – you could check about those openings as well – they are often hiring (call the district to find out the company that they are using – those jobs are NOT posted on this website).
  • The local Wegmans seem to always be hiring, and they offer benefits as well – check them out.

Resources to Help you Find Employment

  • There is more information on our T&E Care jobs page, especially for new high school or college graduates  – found by clicking HERE.  Another good resource on our website can be found by clicking HERE.
  • A very good website for job information is on the Chester County Library System website.
  • Joseph’s People, Ltd provides resources understanding the difficulties of being unemployed. There is a networking/support group in Wayne at Wayne Presbyterian Church.  Call 610-688-8700 for more information here.  Other churches also do career networking.  Ask around.
  • is a great website with lots of possible job postings. You can refine the search by location and type of job.
  • Delaware County Workforce Investment Board provides resources for those seeking jobs and job training. The website is very user-friendly, an excellent resource for local and regional businesses with staffing needs.
  • Great tips on many sites linked off the Good Morning America website
  • Some good resume sites are The Balance and Free Resume Samples
  • Career Assistance (in PA) lists information including jobs, workshops and job fairs, as well as resources if you are struggling. You can post your resume here as well.
  • PA Career takes you right to assorted job offerings in the state of PA; jobs are sorted by region; also offers services such as career counseling and assessment, training, and resume building.
  • Baker Industries is a rehab program for people with disabilities, recovering substance abusers, individuals on parole, or homeless persons to learn a job skill.
  • A possible job site as seen on CNN, GMA, and other news stories is Flex Jobs. There are lots of job options at this site. It’s something you might want to consider.


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Where you live makes a difference in finding a job

If 2019 is the year you’re amping up your job search, where you reside may play a big role in determining how successful your search is.  According to an analysis by Zippia, Pennsylvania falls about in the middle of the pack. The best state to find a job in 2019 is Iowa. Zippia explains that while it may seem like bigger states like New York and California are the best to find jobs, there is more competition in the job market.  Pennsylvania ranked as the 22nd best state to find a job in 2019. The state has a 4.2 percent unemployment rate, per Zippia, placing them in the 3rd quintile of results.

Zippia used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Community Survey to determine the rankings. Each state was ranked for year-over-year improvement in unemployment, current unemployment rank, home-to-income prices and year-over-year income improvements. The ranking for all four categories was averaged and the states with the lower rankings ranked as the top states for jobs, Zippia says.

Below are the top 10 states for jobs:

  1. Iowa
  2. Minnesota
  3. Virginia
  4. Nebraska
  5. Oklahoma
  6. South Dakota
  7. Missouri
  8. New Hampshire
  9. North Carolina
  10. Georgia

For more details – click on this link.

Work at home jobs - Tips and Links

Work at home jobs can be a great way to earn some money without worrying as much about transportation costs, child care issues, clothing budgets, etc. But be aware that there are a lot of scam offers of jobs out there.  Be sure to vet any offers carefully!!!  (1) Do a background check with the Better Business Bureau.  Do an online search for “complaints”, the company name, and personnel.  (2)Get specific info as to what you’ll be expected to do, whether you will be paid by salary or commission, who will pay you, how often you’ll be paid, etc.  Get your answers in writing. (3) Steer clear of companies that offer to send you an “advance” on your pay.  This can be a way for them to get access to your bank account information.  (4) As always, be careful about giving out your Social Security number or credit card information.  

To look for jobs – use trusted job sites.  Below are some as posted in a January 2019 AARP magazine:

You need a resume but you don't have much work experience - what to do?

Sometimes when you go to apply to college you’ll be asked to include a resume.  OR are you in high school and want to get a summer job and need a resume?  Have you about ready to graduate from college and are starting the job search?  Have you been out of school a while and want to get back into the work field?   Where to start with the resume????   Here are some good samples to follow.  As always – PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD!



Gwen Stefani mopped floors at a local Dairy Queen during the summers, and Tom Cruise saved up extra cash as a paper boy. Matthew McConaughey, before he was famous, found himself short of cash when traveling around Australia, so he took a job moving chicken manure on a farm. Ozzy Osbourne worked in a British slaughter house and was covered with blood most of the day.

Any job experience will help you, but the best summer job is an internship that relates to your chosen career pathway. For example, if you plan to study horticulture, finding a job in a garden store or landscape center is a great start. For a career in medicine, working for an assisted living center or nursing home will get you on your way.

No matter what job you do over the summer, never forget to network. Speak to people, ask questions, learn new skills, and, most importantly, have fun. And if you think you’re too good for a summer job that doesn’t relate to your career, think about Gwen, Tom, Matthew, and Ozzy.

Top 20 Best Summer Jobs

  • Sales – The skills you learn in a sales job will help you for the rest of your life.
  • Post Office worker – Great pay!
  • National Park services – Working with customers—the tourists.
  • Camp counselor – Learn to deal with different age groups.
  • Resort or country club – Get paid to sit by the pool or caddy for golfers.
  • Tour guide – A great way to develop leadership and public speaking skills.
  • Restaurant staff – A few difficult customers will build your people skills.
  • Web design – The more technical knowledge you obtain, the better.
  • Tutoring or babysitting – Be your own boss and earn great pay.
  • Telemarketing – Develop your sales ability. Good ones can make a lot of money.
  • Campus jobs/Working in the labs – Check out jobs in your school.
  • Construction worker – Learn to take orders from a supervisor while learning very useful skills.
  • Valet – You’ll get organized.
  • Pet and house sitting – Cute animals and responsibility go together.
  • Writing articles for sites that will pay you – Become a better writer.
  • Landscaping – Build your muscles and grow your knowledge at the same time.
  • Lifeguards – You’ll be responsible for saving lives – that’s responsibility!
  • Dog walker – Meet the challenge of keeping five dogs on leashes at the same time.
  • Barista – Customers want their coffee just right. You’ll learn to please them.

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