Do You Need A Computer? 

If you or your family needs a computer we may be able to help you. To qualify for one of our computers we ask the following:
  • You need to live in the Tredyffrin or Easttown area. If you live in a neighboring community we will evaluate your request on an individual and as-available basis.
  • You cannot request multiple computers within a 12 month period. Special circumstance will be reviewed.
  • If you have a computer from T&E Care and it has a virus that has caused it to stop working, we will first evaluate your virus protection program, to see if it  is up to date. We include virus protection programs on all computers we give. The programs we use are free it will be your responsibility to keep the program up-to-date.
  • For any CHS student asking for a computer for college we will consider a new laptop for the student. We will require a copy of the student’s transcript and an application to our College Assistance Program (CAP). We are excited to help students who have worked hard at CHS, been involved in activities, and are positive role models in the school. The student will also need to have been accepted into a 2 or 4 year program, and has applied for financial assistance to cover the various costs of college. Ask your counselor for the CAP application.

If you believe you should be considered for a computer, please contact us or call us at 484-254-6510. We’d love to help!

TESD Technology Questions

Do you have questions about computers, the internet or the online program for the T/E Schools?  Click HERE for an email link for these types of questions.

Do You Need Help Getting Internet in Your Home?

The organization called Everyone On has low cost options for internet access in your area. Enter your zip code and answer a question about free/reduced lunch, and you’ll see the options that might work for you. Some are as low as $10/mo.

Internet Essentials by Comcast

One of the Options from Everyone On

Having a computer and internet access is important. Comcast offers a plan that might be helpful to you. It is called Internet Essentials and runs about $10/mo. The details of this program are:

  • Families with at least one child receiving free or reduced lunches may qualify.
  • Comcast must offer internet service in your community.
  • A family can not have subscribed to Comcast Internet service within 90 days of installation.
  • A family can not be the subject of Comcast collections activity or have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old.
  • In 2017 the download speed was 10 Mbps with in-home wifi included. This number is subject to change.
  • Participating families pay $9.95/mo + tax with no price increases, no activation fees, and no equipment rental fees.
  • Participating families can receive internet training at no additional charge.
  • To see if you are eligible go to Internet Essentials or call 855-846-8376.

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Computer or Invite Identity Theft

From Consumer Reports, Sept 2008

1 – Do not assume your security software is protecting you! If you haven’t activated it, or updated it – it will be worthless. Ideally you set it for automatic updates and it’s free so you don’t have to worry that it will expire and you’ll run into trouble with that.

2 – NEVER access an account through an email link. No matter how official an email message looks, do not click on the link that is embedded in the email. If the email is fraudulent, a cybercriminal could use the account number and password you enter to steal your identity or worse. If you think the email is legitimate then go directly to the website and check the account there.

3 – Do not use a single password for all online accounts. If someone steals your password then your identity can be stolen for ALL your accounts. Use a different password for each account. Just use a variation on one password. All passwords should be at least TEN characters long, with both lower case/cap letters, some numbers, and if possible some characters.

4 – NEVER download free software that is sent to you. If you see something that offers free software you can really regret downloading it. Often spyware is attached to the software and your computer will be compromised. Download software only from reputable sites. Be sure you have a spyware program on your computer.

5 – NEVER click on a pop-up ad that says your PC is insecure, or to be honest do not click on ANY pop-up ad. Clicking on pop-ups is NEVER a good idea. Most such pop-ups are phonies and dangerous. You can transfer spyware to your computer with such a download, or even worse the pop-up has malware. Whenever you see a pop-up click on the small X in the corner and get rid of it.  You can also enable your browser’s pop-up blocker.

6 – If you shop online, do it very carefully. You must disclose more personal information when you shop online as compared to going into a store. Thieves can sneak in undetected between you and the retail site. Be sure you use a separate credit card for internet shopping. Never use a debit card. Be sure the website starts with “https” which shows an extra level of security.

7 – Do not assume a MAC is safe. If you have a Mac computer there is risk to phishing scams be sure to use browsers that include anti-phishing toolbars.

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need who live in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township areas.



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